A few facts about IKEA kitchens

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About the IKEA Group, its furniture and in Chiles, kitchen goes a lot of conflicting reviews. There are both positive and highly negative. Unfortunately, in the face of such uncertainty it is very difficult to make any conclusion. In this article we have tried to collect only the facts - no conclusions. Let's get started ...

25-year warranty valid from the date of purchase of kitchen components and is applicable in cases of defects in material or workmanship for the following components kitchens Series FAKTUM:gar_25y

  • cabinet frames
  • facades
  • loop INTEGRAL
  • drawers, drawer front and stoppers for boxes RATIONELL
  • Shelves RATIONELL tempered glass and melamine finishes
  • wire baskets RATIONELL
  • plinths
  • legs
  • overhead panel
  • decorative moldings / moldings
  • countertops at least 3,8 cm thick
  • wash
  • end modules, shelves for bottles and plates PERFECT
  • 2 shelves with drawers and shelves for bottles PERFECT
  • base cabinet tray RATIONELL
  • boxes RATIONELL under the oven
  • plinth drawers RATIONELL
  • tableware drying RATIONELL for cupboard

Assembling of cabinet takes no more than 20 minutes. Thanks to the original system mounted cabinets easily fixed on the wall.

IKEA uses high-MDF facades, which are fixed with special screws and dowels. The back panel is made of chipboard and support pins.

IKEA uses MDF, consisting of a layer of veneer wood with laminated film of a solid pavement, standards-compliant E-1.

The kitchens from IKEA used tandemboxes world famous Austrian firm Blum and guides made especially for her order.

Each leg of the plastic withstands weight in 125 kg. This means that an ordinary kitchen table can withstand the weight in kg 500.

Kitchen IKEA divided into 4 style groups: youth, modern, country style and Scandinavian style.

IKEA Kitchen sets provide an opportunity to buy separate modules, constituting thereby a kitchen set on the individual sizes.

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