New products collections in February 2017

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In February, IKEA has expanded its catalog with new items. These will include linens collection ROZENRIPS. Created linen with traditional prints by Swedish designer Eva Lundgren. Eva is initially inspired by the design of things from history, and not just interior decoration. The idea of ​​creating such a collection appeared when Eva studied the exposition devoted to the history of textiles with 17 century, which was exhibited in the museum, located in the south of Sweden. Most impressed with designer items with traditional embroidery, the majority of which in the past was part of the dowry of the bride.

Duvet cover ROZENRIPS (100% cotton) made from a very environmentally friendly material, since the volume of used pesticides and chemical fertilizers is carefully monitored during the growth of the cotton.

Collection ROZENRIPS


The list of new products from IKEA was listed in a series of cabinet IVAR products. As is known, IVAR storage system already it has a long history, the first time it was released in 1970-ies. and is still in demand. However, IKEA company is constantly trying to improve their products, and IVAR cabinet - not an exception. There was a need to provide a lockable drawers and cabinets. And today the cabinet IVAR really suitable for any home or apartment, to store any accessories for the home or hobby goods.

cabinet IVAR

On the creation of IVAR cabinet style worked in the industrial designer Sarah Fager. She believes that a series of IVAR has a special charm, being universal in terms of style, which gives it a bright personality. The idea was to preserve Sarah appearance IVAR shelving in a metal version, which helped create a wardrobe similar to what we see in schools and locker rooms. IVAR is affordable, easy to collect and it is an excellent solution for storage.

IKEA Shelves

Kitchen IVAR

Also in February, the company IKEA will provide an update collection SPRIDD. SPRIDD is a house, and many others, for example, flasks, bags and tents. The collection was developed in conjunction with Keith Neal, A designer from the UK. This collection is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, to those who contribute to their lives more easy and fun. Series goods SPRIDD - It is not about the other, the goods' for the soul. "

Collection SPRIDD

SPRIDD photoPrompted the designer to create a collection SPRIDD youth culture with its sense of novelty. The spontaneity and openness to the future - that's the motto SPRIDD collection.

We will see and we will update IKEA PS collection, this time in the spirit of independence, which, as it advises against the existence of the script and choose comfort.

IKEA PS 2017

Carpet PS 2017Agree, pillow-covers and flower pots with samopoliva system can not only make our lives easier and save our time, but also to do household chores enjoyable.

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