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Since then, as IKEA company is engaged in the development and production of items for children were presented a lot of useful things, responsible for safety in the home. Series production of "patrol" It includes protection for the smallest kids in your family. These things are not striking, but have a very important job, protecting your children.

Plugs for wall outlets

In a modern house there are many electrical outlets. For a baby, they are of particular interest during the first few years of life. Exploring the most hidden corners of your house, even if you do not know how to walk, the baby will find a rosette and will study it with interest. Later, already repeating his parents, he will certainly try to insert something there. Adults are used to the neighborhood with electrical outlets and underestimate the danger emanating from them, for the baby. And it's not always possible not to take your eyes off for a minute from the children. IKEA also took care of this. Use these convenient caps from the very birth of the child and do not think more about the danger.

Rubber mat in the tub

This rubber mat is designed to reduce the risk of slipping on a slippery wet surface. It is made of natural rubber, which makes its surface absolutely non-slippery, and a special pattern reduces the risk of slipping even in soapy water. The rug is designed taking into account the possibility of using in a variety of rooms with a slippery floor. Its dimensions allow using it both in the bathtub and in the shower. Special suckers on the inner side hold it firmly on any surface. This makes it possible to use it even on plain flooring.

If you bathe your baby in an adult bath mat that will be particularly useful in the period of development, when the baby will already own to sit in the water or try to go over the bath. The risk of slipping under the water during active play is minimal, and the baby will be stronger stand on legs. If your bath is old or just a rough coating, the mat will protect the delicate skin of the child from possible abrasions or scratches, as its surface due to the small Triplex grooved pattern.

Nozzle angle

Danger lurks your child at every corner. In order to protect the child from these angles IKEA offers special corner nozzle. They are made of synthetic rubber, with a back side provided with an adhesive layer. Including they will be easy to install on the most dangerous and sharp corners.

Protection "Not Another Teen" contents of cabinets and drawers

When the child grows, his curiosity brims over. He is interested in everything. How does it work? And what is here? And often not satisfied with the response taking their own steps to establish the truth. When his little knowledge of the world and the lack of understanding of the dangers, lurking at first glance, such a non-hazardous places or things, his actions may bring trouble on him. In order to protect the baby from the effects of excessive curiosity in stock PATROL series there are several things. Universal lock, which can be installed on any door, reliably protect the contents of the cabinet from the prying eyes of the child.

Stopper will not allow the child to open the box in which it is installed.

Children's wicket

Security gates serve to prevent the kid from leaving (crawled) into another dangerous room for him or not to get on the stairs if it is a question of his own house. They are fastened in the doorway, can be opened in both directions, closed on a secure latch. Growing up a baby, you somehow will leave one, even for a little while. And such a gate will help to avoid dangerous places. Also, the gate will protect the child from pets, tk. Leave even the most peaceable creatures next to all the same scary. Security gates are used in doorways of various widths for children from six months.

The window lock

The main purpose of this window latch - do not let your child fall out of the window. However, it will also be useful for those who have pets at home, such as cats, or simply when a gust of wind would not allow an open window to pop and break. Lock is suitable for all types of windows - for windows that open inward, outward, rotate or be nominated and enables you to lock the window in position.

Door Stopper

Almost every adult who sees a "game" with the child's door, stops the heart. Accidentally pinch your fingers - it's not so bad. There are, unfortunately, injuries and much more complicated. special stoppers for doors "Calm" your heart and take care of the baby. With stoppers door just will not be able to budge.

Protective shield on the hob

Kitchen, one of the most dangerous places for a child, especially a cooking surface. Reduce the risk of burns help shield for hob. He was sliding and suitable to almost any plate. The design allows the screen to effectively prevent burns on the child goryatsie burners and tipping hot kostrul and pans. Otherwise you will have to constantly ensure that the pots stood on the far side of the handle and that they were rotated to the rear wall.

In conclusion

Do not defeat the safety of their child. Be calm, knowing that put every effort for this.


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