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Autumn news from IKEA

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Today we will share with you what's new, which pleased us IKEA this fall. This will not only furniture of new and updated collections, but also accessories. The first is on our list rocking chair a series of products under the name GRЁNADALwhich is a combination of craft traditions from Vietnam with the Scandinavian style. Made GRENADAL in a factory in the city of Nha Trang, from rattan. Thanks to a special weaving technique, the rocking chair is almost weightless. 

Stylish Gladio table easy to find a haven in your home, because it is compact enough. Made of ironed metal product palette is presented in two colors: dark green and light yellow. countertops Gladio It can be used separately as a removable tray.

Table Gladio

Do you want to bring the house in order and to create a special atmosphere? Install cabinets Series LIKSGULT at each other and fix to a wall or simply place in a hallway or living room floor. LIKSGULT presented in different colors and sizes, so they are easily combined to produce innovative solutions for storage.


Silent roller blind SKOGSKLЁVER will create a pleasant twilight in the house and hide your home from prying eyes. Recall that from this year IKEA produces curtains without cords or with cords that are not accessible to children for security purposes. Submitted SKOGSKLЁVER in three colors: beige, white, gray.


Coffee table / storage unit KVISTBRUwhich looks like a metal basket with a wire pattern, in our opinion, is a good solution for the living room. In KVISTBRU you can store blankets, books, children's toys, etc.


Carpet LOBBEK It can be used in the house and outside: lint-free and it would be long. But designer ROSHILDE carpet without doubt, will decorate your home to its geometric green-blue pattern in the spirit of 50-60 years. last century.


ELVARLI of lightweight aluminum is an open storage system which will refresh the room front panels and drawers in white and add originality, thanks to bamboo shelves.

Storage System ELVARLI

Vivid examples of Swedish style: RЁDARV cushion and covers for cushions KUDDVIVA, BRUNERT и RENREPEWill add new colors to your home due to traditional embroidery floral patterns, images of animals and geometric figures.


Varve - Lamp with clip for evening gatherings for reading books. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted, and select your desired coverage. Lamp available in white, silver and copper colors.

lamp Varva

Yet another interesting autumn novelty: a cotton duvet cover BLOVINDAWhich can be turned and thereby impart interior diversity. On the one hand it is solid, the other - in the strip.

STUVA system with facades Foglia - A storage system that can change with your child's needs. Making STUVA original and stylish look will help to colorful stickers that are included.

STUVA system Foglia

Kitchen fronts from Calvi seriescreated with the participation of designer and artist Martin Bergström, are intended to give the house a special style and character. The kitchen fronts are decorated with six different motifs from Bergström paintings.

Kitchen fronts Calvi

worktop BARKABUDA from solid wood is unique due to the natural pattern of wood and variations of its shades. 

Esquel - washingmade of quartz composite is ready to serve you "faithfully and for a very long time" due to the fact that it is resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. 

Another fun product from new products - kitchenette SUNNERSTA. This is possible to equip the kitchen in a small area, such as in the office. It can also be a good solution for the repair in your apartment.

Among the novelties, we found the kitchen utensils from the series VARDAGEN. It is available in white and gray colors. This is the basic dishes, which is designed for daily use: plates, mugs, bowls, saucers, cups ... what is there just no!



If you like the decor, the note on the glass Cloche GERLIGA, designer containers OKEND, decorative stickers KLETTA. All of these products are not only beautify and freshen your home, but also, for example, KLETTA stickers can hide scratches and cracks.


Stickers KLETTA

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