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IKEA PS (IKEA PS) - is the name of the elite designer collections IKEA. On the data collections by the best designers as IKEA, and invited her.

The letters "SS" mean "postscript", then we are talking about the latest developments in the world of Swedish design. The first IKEA PS collection was presented in 1995 year. It was a real event for professionals, and for the millions of ordinary people who care about the beauty and comfort of your home. IKEA PS Russian premiere took place in year 2003.

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We offer you a small selection of the most popular in our subjective opinion, IKEA. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but we have tried to be objective, held their little "investigative journalism"{# Emotions_dlg.wink} and are pleased to present the results of our work{#}. So, we present to you the "Top 11 most popular IKEA version IKEA Fans Club {#}".

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