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What could be better than long warm days and opportunities to spend time outdoors with your family or friends? a new look at the world and experience new sensations this summer will help IKEA collection dedicated to the hot season. Wide choose furniture and accessories in juicy summer colors, decorate an apartment or house, as well as create a special atmosphere in any place outside the home. And, you see, any vacation or trip will be much more comfortable if the hand is cooler bag, new textiles and comfortable furniture. Any little thing is able to bring your usual vacation to a new level.

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We hasten to please parents who carefully choose toys for their kids, those for whom the important from what they are made of eco-friendly material or not. Series FLISAT goods It made of durable solid pine. FLISAT series includes not only toys that over the years would look even better, but also furniture for the children's classes, games and storage. Let's see how simple natural charms, made in a traditional design and a beautiful wooden structure can bring pleasure not only children but also parents.

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Living in a "concrete jungle", really want to contemplate the greens, which is so lacking in the city. So green and cozy place can be urban balconyIf it is well-equip. For example, the artist Justin at its close the balcony growing flowers and plants, relaxes, in general, do everything possible to use the space for relaxation to the maximum. Him balcony It is an extension of the living room. In order to make efficient use of space on the balcony, he goes to a variety of tricks and techniques: the use of collapsible furniture, curtain grids, and others.

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We have repeatedly mentioned in the articles that IKEA is based on democratic design the creation of new products and collections. Today we want to talk about functional, eco-friendly and accessible collection from IKEA - ART EVENT 2016. Works of art with this collection will no longer be an inaccessible luxury for most people, thanks to the design decision of the Swedish manufacturer, which will allow creating a real art gallery of artistic photos at home. 

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Collection ANVENDBAR designed specifically to expand the range IKEA CatalogueFilling it with products that will bring your home to nature and turn life there into pure pleasure. This was possible because ANVENDBAR goods consist of ceramics, glass, cotton and wood, in a word, from natural materials. ANVENDBAR refresh your interior and will make it more environmentally friendly.

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