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Soon everyone will be celebrating Easter. Traditionally, on the table at Easter there are Easter cakes, Easter, as well as painted or decorated eggs. It would be nice to arrange a festive table as something special, put a beautiful dishes and decorations. More recently in IKEA catalog there was a fun collection called KEKKLING. All of it is devoted to the blessed holiday of Easter. Let's see which products from Easter collection can come to our house.

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In February 2016 year launched a new collection from IKEA, which combines elements of the Swedish Brazilian design. The collection appeared due to the company's designers who have decided to bring in a sleek Scandinavian style holiday Brazilian colors and decors. To inspire the designers visited the sunny city of São Paulo and studied aesthetics and culture of Brazil, which fully helped to create a limited edition collection of products for the house named TILLFELLE. Designers skillfully combined in TILLFELLE Swedish simplicity and expressiveness Brazilian, bold color combinations and minimalism of Scandinavia. The collection includes not only textiles, but also furniture, home accessories, lamps and other products. The basis of the collection - paintings, jungle motifs and street art in a rich palette.

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The modern history of mirrors began in 13 century, when Europeans began to become vessels of glass. Of course, the first mirrors were created in order to perform its main function - to reflect. Now functionality mirrors much wider. This is their use in interior design in order to create the illusion of space and volume in a small room. Today, customers are offered a variety of shapes and designs of mirror frames, thanks to which they can express their unique style by adding a "zest" to the interior. What can IKEA offer? In our review, we will look at all the options presented in IKEA catalogAnd see what interesting "mirror" solutions offer us the designers of the Swedish manufacturer.

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Healthy and sound sleep - a pledge of good mood and successful day. But in order that we can sleep well, we need not only a comfortable bed, but comfortable, meets modern requirements mattress. How to choose the best mattress that would suit all 100%? For each of us the concept of convenience is treated differently and see how IKEA offers to solve the problem concerning the mattress of choice, which guarantees us not only a sweet dream, but also a pleasant awakening and a sense that we are well-rested and ready for a productive working day .

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Looking through the catalog section Textiles for children at the age of up to 8 12 years, we had the idea to do a review of the proposed IKEA company in this segment. These products have attracted fresh eyes, an unusual design idea, modern prints, and, in general, with its modern outlook on design children's room using textiles: quilt covers, pillowcases, covers for cushions. It seems that the designers of the company really took into account the interests of children of this age, and trends in interior design solutions for children. Thus, it came out a few interesting design options and a children's bed room.

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