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Collection ONSKEDROMONSKEDROM collection is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the outstanding creations IKEA Swedish graphic designer named Olle Excel. His creative patterns imprinted on the products of the company, namely the new collection, the subject of which many people will use every day. The entire collection is based on 3-x topics illustrations, each with its own history. These drawings graced a number of products - from greeting cards, mugs and trays, muffin hot to carpets and posters, bedding and fabrics. Collection ONSKEDROMIn our view, a very positive and fun and really able to create a "mood of the day."

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Interior SPRUTTSleep through the alarm? - Easily! But this is not always turns positive in the morning. And you have to be collected in a hurry, as a rule, difficult to find things. Early in the morning, when you are late, as usual, you can not find your keys or remember where I put the clothes in the evening. Goods collection SPRUTT literally will assist to your morning were the most positive. The collection features products for storage, created in the original design.

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Collection NIPPRIGIKEA presented to you our new limited attention collection NIPPRIG... The collection went on sale only in April 2015. The highlight of the collection is that it was created in tandem with manufacturers from Indonesia and Vietnam, who use renewable natural materials in their production. Hand weaving - another nice feature of the collection - applied as a traditional way Decor. The resulting interior decorations are, in our opinion, the original line of furniture and accessories, combining the beauty, warmth and craftsmanship.

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Ophelia plaid interior"Plaid" or in our "plaid" - a quilt or blanket tightly woven wool or wool blend often. Country of origin plaid believe Scotland because of its traditional colors - in a cage. After all, the national Scottish clothing kilt and was thus a blanket worn around the waist. 

Let's think, what feelings we're having in the pronunciation of the word "blanket"? This is something soft, cozy, warm and comfortable. Plaid - Is not only convenient thing for the house, but also an accessory for long trips and even picnics and evening relaxing in outdoor cafes.

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