The first bag chair IKEA - OLME

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Chair bag OLMEBean bags, chairs, pear, or as they are called, frameless seat are increasingly part of our lives and in our interior. We buy their children, they are fitted with "art-house" cinema, but where they can not be found only recently. And the most interesting thing is that it's not just a fad, but also very convenient. "Having seen" all this diversity and may evaluate the prospects of furniture IKEA directions issued its first chair bag - OLME.

The interpretation is called IKEA ottoman bag and is the standard for frameless chairs sizes. The filler is, as in most bags like chairs, polystyrene balls. This chair bag appeared in IKEA stores quite recently and so far, unfortunately, it is presented only in one color - gray. In our opinion, it turned out gloomy, the only thing that saves the situation is a removable cover, as in most IKEA upholstered furniture. Gray case bean bags can be replaced with something more joyful and "alive", because frameless seat - It is primarily the youth and informal furniture, predisposes to the free communication and exciting break away. But back to our OLME. At the time of writing this frameless seat worth 2999 Russian rubles. A lot or a little? Rather a lot. For the price ikeevskoe chair bag loses frameless other chairs on the market, sometimes quite seriously.

In general, considering the new frameless armchair-bag IKEA it can be said that while the company did not work until the end of the realization of this thought on all sides by an interesting idea. It would be possible to play with a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and present a series of buyers Court frameless seat-bags OLMEShe successfully does with many of its products. Perhaps then the price would be more democratic, because as she says, IKEAThe more we produce, the lower the final cost. In defense of the company it can be said that this is only the first attempt to enter the market frameless chairs and bags, we hope the following steps in this direction will be much better.

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