Feel the comfort of an Alpine chalet

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Comfort Alpine chaletAs sometimes you want to break away from the bustle of the big city, and spend a couple of days cozy Chalet at the foot of the Swiss Alps. While enjoying the beautiful scenery from the window, just to stir the embers in the stove and enjoy these moments when you can be away from the whole world.

New IKEA collection, which became available in Russia since October 1 2013 - a real find for those who prefer a touching simplicity, which implies a minimum of parts, but at the same time gives a unique Alpine charm of the interior, not in vain the name of the collection and sounds - CHALET.

She does not demonstrate an abundance of complex decorative elements, pretentious luxury, the collection, on the contrary, once again emphasizes the modesty inherent in all IKEA products and proves that even in this case, household items are made interior apartment unique.

CHALET includes a variety of furnishings: napkins, pillows, rugs, dishes, blankets, bed linen and towels. They certainly have in common is that they can make the interior more cozy apartment, the color palette of accessories in addition to the classic white contains concise light brown и gray shades. All utensils, and some textiles, decorated with ornaments in the form of a silhouette of the deer - an animal, in a sense embodies the winter cold.

CHALET Collection from IKEA

CHALET particularly suited to the cold time of year, and it is not even in the presence of Collection sheep skins, and that the combination of elements like a warm blanket and a big mug involuntarily suggests the memories of the cold winter frost. Are those nights that you can while away a hot cup of tea, wrapped in a soft blanket.

New collection CHALET

With lots of items from the collection of CHALET easily recreate in the apartment an atmosphere of coziness, inherent only to a small farmhouse - chalet. Sheep skin may look good on the floor, and as litter on a chair or stool. The pads are an excellent complement fur if clothe them special capes Skold, together with conventional textile pads, they will create a perfect ensemble. They can be placed both in a living as an accessory, and in the bedroom, in addition to bedclothes KORALLROT.

Hurry up to buy items from a limited collection of unique chalets, which appeared for the first time in Russia. Bring to life the fantasy of the Swiss foothills, create a cozy chalet directly in his apartment!

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