Notebook Stand. How to choose?

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Stands for notebook photoComputer technology is developing rapidly. And now, his appearance on the market of laptop displaces a leading position in desktop computer. Another would be. Its main convenience compared to its predecessor, the ability to take your laptop with you wherever you go, and, of course, to work sitting on a couch or favorite chair on your lap. But after about 30 minutes from the comfort no trace remains: knees hot laptop buzzing like crazy in an attempt to cool off, and your back hurts.

All-seeing, and the manufacturer has provided that. On the market have been issued notebook standThat solve all the above problems in their use. They are classified only according to the type of cooling: active or passive. The first option assumes a built-in fan, which act as the cooling in the second heat dissipation surface itself contributes to the stand. What type prefer? Here it all depends on your personal needs and desires.

IKEA has not yet boasts of having in his catalog stands with integrated cooling element. However, offers a choice of several models relating to the second type. They are available in two versions: floor and notebook stand on your knees.

VITSHЁ - Working with comfort

Stand tall 65 cm frame is made of metal, ideal for operating a laptop while sitting on a comfortable sofa or chair. Because now he is almost on a par with armrests. Top of tempered glass size 35h55 see if you are not working at the computer, it is permissible to use for other tasks.

Notebook Stand VITSHЁ

Thanks to its lightweight design, it easily travels with you around the apartment. The elongated horizontal base allows you to place its compact, no matter where you are.

SVARTOSEN - Long-legged Notebook Accessories

This Stand for Laptop Price which is slightly higher than VITSHЁAlso belongs to the class of floor. Yes, it will cost a bit more expensive, but it is justified by the fact that it is equipped with a handle for height adjustment. It can be changed from the minimum size in 40 cm to a maximum in 74 see. The catalog is available in two colors: black and white.

Notebook Stand SVARTOSEN

Tripod horizontal support gives it stability and the ability to put it as close as possible to the place where you plan to work. In this stand there is little restriction. It is suitable for computers with a diagonal monitor no more than 17 inches.

STEDYAN, Billan и Brad - Taking care of you

They are united by common characteristics. All three models of laptop stands are designed for use on the lap. The only exception is one of the variations BradThat is amiss, such as a desk stand and read books. Also, they will put on its surface only laptops are not more than 17-Tew inches diagonally.

Notebook Stand Brad

STEDYAN и Billan have a soft base that will allow a stand and placed on an uneven surface. It is contained in a removable cover and, if necessary, it can be washed. These models have a horizontal surface of the impact-resistant material.

Notebook Stand STEDYAN

Brad - Notebook StandRepresented in the catalog 2-mja views. Both of them are made at an angle that provides additional comfort when working with a laptop. They creates a simple and pleasant to use.

Are in search of such an accessory for your laptop? Then do not forget to include in the review of its model IKEA catalog.

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