Backlit Laptop Keyboard - Yangshuo from IKEA

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Lamps YangshuoJust think about it! Even some 20-odd years ago, no one could not imagine, and imagine what would reclining in bed working on a computer. Yes, that really there to talk. Think about the ultra-thin tablet, which can be held with one hand. Today we go on polugibridah cars. But it will soon become history.

And we continue to talk about and remember yet another modern invention - USB Gadgets. This is usually a small device size. With a special connector is connected to the computer's usb-port. Now, not looking up from the monitor, do not enjoy a cooling cup of tea, thanks USB heater. Or enjoy a drink from the jar USB refrigerator. A simulation of an aquarium in the form of the same gadget will bring aesthetic pleasure. IKEA Catalogue also can boast such a newfangled "resident."

Yangshuo - Light USB laptop keyboard. The name was not chosen by chance. Is the name of a small town in the south of China and translated it means "bright moon."

Light Laptop

Light Laptop is a LED lamp in black or white color variations. It gives you the opportunity to work at the computer, when all were asleep and the light is off. Indispensable lighting option, where simply non-existent any other light source.

USB Lamp or lights for laptop keyboard Yangshuo implemented in an ultra stylish design performance. The flexible legs allow you to direct the light from any angle and make the bulb need at any given time configuration.

USB lights

With this lamp you can work for quite a long time. The light that comes from LEDNot irritating to the eyes and does not create unnecessary burdens. In addition, claimed the life of a 20 thousand hours will reduce the cost of paying the bills for the use of electricity. Total 199 rubles is this necessary and positive from all sides gadget. He will deliver you from the need to squint to find the right button on the alphabetic keyboard layout in the shadows just because someone has already gone to bed.

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