IKEA Tableware - Elite Series

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Series dishes 365 +Products IKEA is good because in each of its catalog to find something that will catch the fancy appearance and quality, but still need to fit your wallet. Some of us are used to save and not to spend money on household items, and for someone important status and comfort even in everyday life. In our today's review, we consider the final items for the kitchen of the luxury lines. With other options IKEA Catalogue can be found in articles Overview of kitchen accessories from IKEA. The series first - budget и IKEA Tableware - medium price range.

Cooking utensils

Favorite elite series - IKEA 365 +, A new series of dishes and utensils from the Swedish manufacturer. Pay attention to the set value only 1999 Russian rubles, which includes the subject 4 three raznoemkostnye pans и pan. Is not it a basic kit Kitchen! The only drawback to this set - no cap in the pan.

Pots of a series of 365 +

Features IKEA set 365 +:

  • stainless steel;
  • 5l volume pots, and 3l 1l;
  • suitable for all types of hobs, as well as for use in the oven;
  • rounded inner surface makes it more convenient cooking process;
  • have a three-layer bottom of the pan, and the pan is equipped with a non-stick coating.

List the characteristics of this far ends. With all the advantages of this kit can be found in more detail by electronic catalog of utensils for cooking.

Similar sets of composition you can find in the series Shank и FAVORITE. Last far exceeds the price IKEA 365 +, which is due to using in its manufacture the most advanced technologies and materials.

Series FAVORITE dishes from IKEA

For housewives who love and know how to cook pilaf according to the rules, have handy kazan from the eponymous series, capacity and cost l 5,5 1599 Russian rubles:

FAVORITE cauldron of a series from IKEA

  • suitable for all types of cooktops;
  • cauldron is made of metal, heat-resistant glass lid that allows you to operate it in the oven;
  • Cover is suitable for use as a serving dish or baking dish in the oven;
  • non-stick coating and rounded inner surface simplify the process of cooking.


The choice here is quite wide. Offer fans a strict and enduring classics to look at the collection of tableware TIRES. This kit is ideal for everyday use and for special occasions will be a real decoration of the table. His highlight - an unusual elongated shape of plates, as well as the lightweight yet strong material and workmanship.

Series dishes tires from IKEA

Tableware series TIKKAR favorably complement the black and white kitchen theme and PROM, EVERENS or FORSLA add bright colors and good mood.

Tableware from the series EVERENS from IKEA

A set of cutlery LairdConsisting of 24 items (forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons) and made of stainless steel, is perfect for the chosen tableware.

Tableware series Laird from IKEA

Kitchen accessories

Without him smear butter sandwich for tea, do not cook a favorite salad, but what can we say, without him in the kitchen doing nothing. Knives Series SLITBAR cope with even the most difficult tasks.

Series knives SLITBAR from IKEA 

Bread knife, cleaning vegetables / fruits, cook, universal, Fillet и Axe for meat - Components of the line from which you according to your needs can easily create your set. All of them are made of stainless steel for a long time and do not require sharpening.

Pay attention to the set of three objects series SENIOR. It is completely made of wood, which means your pans with a delicate and vulnerable plated in complete safety. Such a composition can only complement a ladle of the eponymous series, which for the kitchen would be sufficient.

SENIOR series of dishes from IKEA

Collection of kitchen utensils IKEA 365 + abundance of different useful tools that greatly simplify the work with the product: tolkushkoy for potatoes, knives for cleaning, garlic press, corkscrew и grater.

Additional comfort

If you want to make dishes are really tasty, cook in a good mood. His sometimes able to create pleasant things that surround you. An important role in this is given textiles. By becoming an elite Kitchenware choose towels on the other utensils. In our price preference fit towels series IKEA 365 + GUNSTIG.

Towels Series GUNSTIG from IKEA

  • size 70h50 cm;
  • proportional mix of cotton and linen allows absorbs moisture;
  • no pile makes it easy to wipe glasses.

From the eponymous series offer you heed apronSo you were always clean and tidy in the kitchen.

Apron series GUNSTIG              

Made in black from soft cotton with an adjustable neck strap, it will be your loyal assistant in the kitchen affairs. A small loop on the apron will help to keep, such as forceps, always at hand. Resourceful hostess can adapt it for other needs.

Apron of a series of Tully

If the black for you too gloomy, the multicolored Apron TullyEquipped with pockets for different things, to your taste.

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