Greetings from the tropics: a collection of juicy NIPPRIG

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Collection NIPPRIGIKEA presented to you our new limited attention collection NIPPRIG. The collection went on sale in April 2015. The highlight of the collection is that it was created in tandem with producers from Indonesia and Vietnam, which are used in the production of renewable natural materials. Hand weaving - another nice feature of the collection - used as a traditional way Decor. The resulting interior decorations are, in our opinion, the original line of furniture and accessories, combining the beauty, warmth and craftsmanship.

Give your home a taste of the tropics with a new collection NIPPRIG. The collection of used natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, water hyacinth and algae. Immerse yourself in the journey through the Mekong Delta, in a couple of hours' drive to the south of Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam, and learn about the traditional techniques of working with natural materialsThat allows you to make each item NIPPRIG individual and unique. Nike Karlsson, designer IKEA, who participated in the development of the collection, so inspired its creation, even consider the possibility of interiors with its use. He also says that the creation of the collection was not easy, and sometimes participated in the design sketches more than one person and brings a lot of changes.

Cutlery basket

On the banks of the river grows luxuriant covered leaves of the plant, called water hyacinth. It grows everywhere here and sometimes even floats on the river, reminding green icebergs. Homeland plants - South America, but it was the Vietnamese turned it into a wonderful resource for weaving bags, baskets and mats.

Napkins for devices

As for the water hyacinth, then it is collected by walking on a wooden canoe on the river. Then it is dried on the shore under the hot sun for a week and when it becomes brown in color, it will be ready for use. In homes nearby live craftsmen that turn water hyacinth in the beautiful products: baskets and mats. The only way of dealing with this material - manually.

Deckchair NIPPRIG

Strong, fibrous stems another herb - banana - Ideal for plaiting things.


Algae - The oldest material for weaving in Southeast Asia. They grow on the banks of rivers and after drying are very tight, but rather a flexible material to work with.

Bamboo actively used in the collection NIPPRIG. He, no doubt, is the most durable material, but, surprisingly, it is easy to create the desired shape.


Rattan - A large family of plants, native to Indonesia and popular to use for furniture.

Coconut also used since ancient times for different purposes. Leaves, bark and the outer part of the coconut can serve as material for all things, starting with the ropes and baskets and finishing brooms.

Floor pillows NIPPRIG

These floor cushions will be not only a comfortable place to sit and rest, but they will bring into your home warm and filling it with natural color.


Mats made by hand, like all products from the collection NIPPRIG using water hyacinth and algae.


If you want to retire, this screen will be the perfect solution for everything its quiet corner in the room.

Shopping for storage NIPPRIG

This storage box - Really perfect container for a picnic, it is durable and roomy.


If you do not use some of these baskets, they can be stored neatly folded into each other.

Hat from the sun NIPPRIG

Hats from the sun algae reflect traditional Vietnamese design.

Beach bag NIPPRIG

This the bag looks familiar, does not it? That's because its shape resembles a super popular blue bags, which are sold in IKEA stores worldwide.

Armchairs NIPPRIG

A very important step was already shipping finished goods, since they all end up being finished, molded products.

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