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Series FLISAT: a love for children and Ecology

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We hasten to please parents who carefully choose toys for their kids, those for whom the important from what they are made of eco-friendly material or not. Series FLISAT goods It made of durable solid pine. FLISAT series includes not only toys that over the years would look even better, but also furniture for the children's classes, games and storage. Let's see how simple natural charms, made in a traditional design and a beautiful wooden structure can bring pleasure not only children but also parents.

The first in our review will dollhouse FLISATWhich, like all products series, recommended for children from 3-years. It can be put on the floor or hung on the wall (do not forget to purchase additional mounting hardware). If your child is small, it is possible to build a house for games, and for older children, this product can be used as a shelf for books or photos and other useful things. It consists of solid pine wood, covered with a transparent acrylic lacquer with shade.

Dollhouse FLISAT

Hanger FLISAT on 4 person is interesting in that it hooks are made in a conical shape, which will prevent things from falling. Beam itself is made of solid pine, and the hooks - beech under the acrylic paint. Hanger is bright and compact, ideal for a child's room.


baby desk FLISAT, Dimensions * 92 67 cm with three height options for countertops: 53, 62 and 72 cm specially designed for children of all sizes. The table can grow with your child, due to the fact that you can change the level of the height of countertops. Countertops can also be installed at an angle, so that the child had the opportunity to alternate the position of the body from time to time. On the edge of countertops made recess for storing pencils and other small things. The board also has a special holder for the paper to be a child is always at hand.


Container FLISAT toys on castors can be used by a child 3 years, picking up their toys, or transporting them from room to room. Thanks to plastic castors, you can not worry about the integrity of the floor covering, they provide a soft and smooth ride.

container FLISAT

Name - a wall unit for storage - speaks for itself. Dimensions of wooden Wall FLISAT module - 70 * 9 * 16 cm, with a maximum load 5 kg. Before you hang the unit on the wall, call your baby, and with it, calculate a comfortable height, so children can easily reach for toys or books that are stored on a shelf.

Wall module for storage FLISAT

A similar function - Storage - performs Stand FLISAT books. Its dimensions are totally different than in the module for storage - * 49 28 41 * cm and a maximum load - the whole 10 kg! The stand can be mixed from one place to another, and books that the child will be stored on it will be easily recognized by a well "viewed" form.

Stand FLISAT books

Children's table FLISAT (83 * 58 * 48 cm) is an alternative to the desk, it will be a convenient place for creative work or storage space. It can be supplemented containers TROFAST bright colors and build a whole children's corner for games. 

Children's table FLISAT

All FLISAT collection 100% environmentally friendly, it is suitable for energy recovery and recycling.

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