Create a home art gallery with a collection of ART EVENT 2016

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We have repeatedly mentioned in the articles that IKEA is based on democratic design the creation of new products and collections. Today we want to talk about functional, eco-friendly and accessible collection from IKEA - ART EVENT 2016. Works of art with this collection will no longer be an inaccessible luxury for most people, thanks to the design decision of the Swedish manufacturer, which will allow creating a real art gallery of artistic photos at home. 

Collection ART EVENT 2016 11 consists of conceptual postersWith its history, ideology and deep thought. They reflect the reality that concern the authors of questions, thoughts and emotions. Therefore, you can not only original design your interior, but also to find an excuse to talk on interesting topics.

Mandy Barker He tells us about the aesthetics and exciting nature of the sea, which, unfortunately, littered with plastic garbage. In her paintings depicts debris from six oceans.

Mathieu Cesar, Who founded a new concept of portraits of celebrities, captured models, actors and musicians in black and white. His work for ART-EVENT of IKEA built on the contrast, which reflects his personality.

Bobby Doherty spends a lot of time on the market, he is looking for objects of everyday use, to turn them into stylized surreal pictures.

Collection ART EVENT

Natalia Edenmont He feels the fullness of life that overcomes the difficulties. That is why her paintings we can see the model, decorated with grapes or countless wings of butterflies on a piece of cardboard. As many as 8 months she worked on a collage in which butterflies, a large number of years had lain in boxes, we have eternal life.

Jill Greenberg I invented a new way to combine drawing and photography. Immediately she draws on the glass panel, and then all photographs. Its purpose - to stop a moment.

Annika von Haussvolff engaged in staged photography, inviting its viewers to a world that borders between documentary and art. She devotes a lot of time and work invested in it all yourself.

Tanya Long - It is rather an artist who works with photography. The essence of her work - a set time and light, which causes a different reaction. To create a work for the collection of Tanya Long illuminates different colored light photo paper, rolled into a tube.


Chad Moore attempts to capture the manifestation of life as it is, he does not accept the staged photos, because they do not see the real emotions and feelings.

bar Prasilova concerns in their work only the positive aspects, the manifestations of kindness and humor. Interestingly, the Bar itself makes props for their work.

work Rankin reflect his love for the art of photography as a means of communication. The collection ART EVENT work was selected from a series called "So far so sexy".

Pascal Zhindr (®obin) combines photography and drawing, thus realizing the reality. He paints little Skuggi people who live their interesting lives. 

Thanks to the virtual art gallery in the social network Instagram you can see the pictures authors and learn about the history of posters Collection ART EVENT 2016.

Fill the house with new emotions and reveal your talent!

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