"Smart" batteries and chargers from IKEA

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Since August 2016, the IKEA company began to implement new rechargeable batteries и charging device. The new series consists of four types of batteries: AA2450, 1000mAh, AAA900 and 500 mAh. Also in the sale is a small Charger Winning two AA / AA batteries, which is connected to the charging of the tablet or smartphone that has a USB output. You can buy and a great charger from the series STORHOGEN on 12 batteries with the possibility of mounting on the wall. 

Technology, which are made by all batteries, called Ready to Use - "ready to use". What does this mean? Batteries are sold already charged and will hold a charge for a long time.

Ready to Use

As IKEA batteries offers more and less capacity, then the number of charge-discharge cycles for them IKEA promises different things - 1500 and 500 cycles, respectively. The country of origin is Japan. 

Batteries Ladd

The innovative range of joined batteries from the series LaddWhich are designed for an easy transition to a qualitatively new power. Design batteries and chargers designed so that they are perfectly suited to each other.

Charging device IKEA

Chargers provided by the company, using charge small current. Despite the fact that such a charge will take more time, there is a perception that it extends the life of the batteries.

Charger Winning affordable, lightweight and not bulky, weighing only 39 grams. You can use it even on the road, from a power bank. When charging, the white LED is on, it will turn off when charging is over and will flash if something goes wrong. Charging time will depend on battery capacity: 5 to 12 hours.


Charging STORHOGEN can charge the battery up to 12. Have charged batteries can be stored directly in the charger and the device itself, as we have already mentioned, can be hung on the wall. charging level is indicated on the LCD display (for each battery separately). Charging time - of up to 5 10,5 hours. "Smart" Charger analyzes the charge level of the battery and displays it when the batteries are charged, the device goes into sleep mode.

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