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The modern history of mirrors began in 13 century, when Europeans began to become vessels of glass. Of course, the first mirrors were created in order to perform its main function - to reflect. Now functionality mirrors much wider. This is their use in interior design in order to create the illusion of space and volume in a small room. Today, customers are offered a variety of shapes and designs of mirror frames, thanks to which they can express their unique style by adding a "zest" to the interior. What can IKEA offer? In our review, we will look at all the options presented in IKEA catalogAnd see what interesting "mirror" solutions offer us the designers of the Swedish manufacturer.

To make our review, as usual, understandable and "transparent" for those who are puzzled by the search for one or more mirrors for decorating a house and apartment, we will divide the description of the IKEA mirror collection into several parts. These will be floor, table, and door mirrors, as well as mirrors for the nursery, bathroom and any other room in the house.

Mirrors Children - PAYSSLINGAR (of blue color), BARNSLIG (in green) SKЁNHET (pink) - absolutely "fabulous" mirrors that will delight the child from the first day of purchase and will continue to delight with their design every day. They are made from shockproof soft plastic, in order to secure the child in the use of these mirrors.


Bathroom mirrors are presented in a huge variety of options, mainly wall-mounted: 

- ROGRUND with hooks for jewelry made of natural bamboo;


- STORYORM - a white mirror with illumination with an incandescent LED lamp emitting warm daylight is presented in two versions: rectangular and round.


- STOCKHOLM - A mirror made of durable natural materials - veneer walnut. Despite the sleek design, the mirror is very functional STOCKHOLM: wider frame at the bottom of the mirror allows you to use it as a shelf to store cosmetics and other useful things.


- Futuristic mirror HilkePresented in fun, bright colors: bright pink, bright blue, bright green, and black. Visual depth of the mirror, deliberately created by designers suitable for bold and individual bathroom interior.

Mirror Hilke

- LANGESUND - A mirror in blue, yellow and white colors, in subtle and deep circular frame, to create a play of light and shadow, which has an interior.


- Principality of Leyen - White mirror with shelf made of plastic, completely unremarkable, but traditional and fulfill its direct function.

- LILLONGEN - A mirror with shelves, represented in white and black and brown.


- LILLYORM - Mirror diameter 55 see backlit - "two in one", with a switch located on the frame for easy operation.


- mirror MOLGER manufactured from renewable materials and has ample shelf. Presented in two colors: birch and dark brown.


- Neat white SILVERON mirror with a shelf on which to store the useful things that will always be on hand decorate a small bathroom, size 56 * 64 see.


SKOGSVOG - A mirror in a thin frame, looks sophisticated in its design there is nothing superfluous, it is neat and airy. In the manufacture of this mirror designers used beech veneer in white. To your taste, you can select a rectangular, square or round mirror SKOGSVOG.



STABEKK - A mirror which has a solid construction, due to the fact that it is made of solid wood (pine). STABEKK represented in light brown and green colors and 75 cm in diameter. However, STABEKK can be purchased in another version - a rectangular shape.


Pay attention to the white mirror with shelf called ThingWhich looks unobtrusive and very aesthetically pleasing and suitable, perhaps, for any bathroom. To add Ting can lighting, which will decorate the mirror and add functionality to it.

full, Minden, RONGLAN (rectangular and round) ENUDDEN и GODMORGON - Unpretentious, but quite lovely bathroom mirrors not only the first - with a shelf.



Groix - Mirrors framed in black color, made of galvanized steel with a polyester powder coating, in different sizes: 45 * 140 cm 45 * 55 see.

Mirror GRUAN

Garnes - Mirror "highlight", which looks like a large teeth located on the shelf. Incidentally teeth may be used as hooks which can be hung, for example, jewelry. Another advantage of this mirror is the possibility of mounting the door.

Mirror Floor:

- White and black-brown ISFЁRDEN with shelf, which has a special protective film to prevent damage by shrapnel.

- KNAPPER - Floor mirror, in the amount of 48 * 160 cm, on the reverse side of which includes clothes rail, which will save time in the morning, going to work.

We can not ignore and consider separately the model of the so-called Vanity mirror with light, filled in round shape with a stand - Keitum (20 cm in diameter), and TRENSUM (30 cm). A similar design is a mirror FREKKBut its main difference is that it is mounted on the wall. One of the parties FREKK - a special magnifying mirror.

Mirror FREKK

Collection put represented by models of wall mirrors in a minimalist style, with sharp straight lines and slim frame. These mirrors will look neutrally in any interior, without attracting too much attention, and make them a little help to focus correctly matched framing. IKEA designers offer the following colors: bleached oak, white oak, black and brown.

Mirrors Collection HEMNES look very respectable and massive, due to the frame made of natural solid wood. There are only two wall mirrors in the collection, they are almost identical, differing only in their size. These mirrors will perfectly complement the interior of the furniture from the HEMNES collection.


Designer Collection Krabbe, Kim Samson, wanted to create something simple, but with a decorative form, where one could use smooth organic forms, so that mirrors resemble puzzle elements that could be combined into different “mirror” compositions. 

Designer Ebba Strendmark created an unusual collection of mirrors for interior in the style of Provence called EKNE. "Highlight" of the mirror was framed with elements for forging.

Mirror EKNE

The collection KOLIA shows two mirrors, circular and square shape without a frame. These mirrors are versatile and suitable for any room and any interior.

Mirror IKEA PS 2014

GUVET - Modern large mirror with aluminum rim, ideal for interior loft-style or high-tech.

Mirror Lots - A mosaic of four identical squares. Lots - mirrors budget option, the price of the kit is only 299 Russian rubles.

UNG Dril - Oval wall mirror with decorative frame made of polystyrene. You can even hang up in the bathroom, as polystyrene, of which the VCO on Dril afraid of water.

Mirror UNG Dril

If you want to try yourself as a designer, then Mirror HЁNEFOS you will be a great help. The mirror consists of five hexagons light brown five hexagons and dark brown. With these small parts can create mirrored composition of any shape.

LUNDAMO - a small but rather long mirror with the image of semicircles around the perimeter. You can hang it as a mirror yourself, or you can buy several pieces and make one large mirror, with a chaotic arrangement of circles on it. By the way, the price of this model is very democratic, only 349 grew. rubles.


Designers Margrethe Odgaard and Thomas Alonso created an original and practical collection Mirrors IKEA PS 2014... It features a wall mirror with multicolored lines, wall trims with hooks and a container, and a tabletop mirror. All these mirrors have a fancy shape and go well with other items from the IKEA PS 2014 collection.

Collection SOKNEDAL: Mirror with a clear geometric shape and frame wood black. Strictly, stylish, uncluttered.

In the world, probably, there is no woman who would not be a mirror table. This thing is really irreplaceable. The IKEA catalog you will find the following models of mirrors:

- MYUKEN - Neat little mirror in the style of Provence;

- TISNES - A simple mirror, which will be completely fulfill its intended purpose and does not take up much space.


Here are some models of mirrors, which we liked, and perhaps they are lucky enough to decorate your interior:

- Silver SONG - Refined design and lightness;


- Intricate and expensive mirror malm.

For all the mirrors from IKEA it is very easy to care for, with a damp cloth moistened with water or a special tool for windows. And almost all of the mirrors can be used in rooms with high humidity that separately indicated in the description of each mirror in IKEA catalog. We hope that our review has been helpful to you, and help you to choose a mirror that reflects your individual style.

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