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IKEA DIY - Alterations furniture and IKEA

alterations IKEA

DIY, An acronym for Do It Youself - a fashionable, and most importantly practical, hobby that allows you to make handmade things, get pleasure from it, and sometimes money. In this section of ours, we will try to show the most interesting DIY projects with furniture and IKEA products, tell in detail how this was done and push you :) to create your own unique masterpieces. Our DIY IKEA heading is first and foremost a source of inspiration that will direct your creative and engineering abilities and help you create truly awesome, unlike anything else. 

You can send your IKEA hacks on e-mail [email protected] and we will publish them with pleasure.

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When a lint-free rug collection of Signe Not everyone comes into my head the idea to make it a merry old handbag. Today we are ready to share with you the idea. In addition to the mat and bamboo handles us to rework virtually nothing is required. Incidentally, Signe mats IKEA company produces in different colors, so that everyone can easily find the coloring to his liking.

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Today we share with you the ideas of design and rework LACK table. The article will present the 5 variants of the LACK table in a new guise. A new type of table LAK will help you personalize the interior for very little money. Uniqueness, self-expression, style - these are the tasks of our today's alteration. 

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Today in our category "Alterations IKEA" we will show practical enough hack that combines the use of two seemingly disparate series: a series of children's furniture SUNDVIK and system for storing Algot. As the name implies, we are modernizing Cots SUNDVIK, turning fixed bed in a mobile version on wheels. Let's get started ...

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It's amazing how much is devoted to alterations LACK table from IKEA. But, nevertheless, allow the imagination to translate more and more ideas to life and LACK table appears more than once in our category alterations IKEA. As you may have guessed, today's article - is no exception.

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Today we present to our readers a very simple but useful adaptations, which will give new life to an old chandelier. For it you will need pots of series products SKURARWhich you can purchase at any of the company's shopping centers easily. As a result, we get a rather rework cute hanging lamp. We chose SKURAR white, but in IKEA catalog ornamental flowerpot also available in red, black and other colors. So, down to business.

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