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"Apartment" for sewing machines

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Table sewing machineWhen sewing on the machine has become a favorite hobby for you, or do you do it professionally, in any case it is necessary to think about where will be located the main sewing tool. Today, our modifications will show and tell how to do it yourself.

For this we need:

All for rework

- 2 wooden blocks and the length of the board;
- Sandpaper;
- Filler for wood;
- Paint;
- Screws, bolts, nuts, metal gaskets;
- Jig saw, screwdriver, drill.

In our remaking for making such a "sewing space" was used dining table IngaMade of untreated pine. For this purpose, any other suitable equivalent of IKEA CatalogueFor example, BЁRKUDDEN. The first thing to decide on the location machine on the table. Then perform all the necessary measurements to the base of the sewing machine and put on the counter circuit that will be used to cut a hole. The best option would be to use an electric jigsaw, but if this is not available in your arsenal of tools that fit a normal or a saw. In the illustrated embodiment, the angles rounded at the sewing machine, which causes some additional difficulties carving. If your machine in straight angles, the cutting process will be much easier.

The first step rework

The second step rework

In order to fill all voids smallest, micro-cracks on the resulting cut, use a filler for wood. It is a thick paste, which is diluted with water. After applying the paste will remove countertop and leave to dry out, and in the meantime started manufacturing under mounting machine.

The third step rework

The fourth step rework

The fifth step rework

Wooden blocks must be attached to the table a short distance from each of the shorter sides of the rectangle cut. In the bars to make 2 holes which need to thread the bolts. The same holes and at the same points is done in the interval boards, At which the machine is located.

The sixth step rework

Seventh step rework

Assembling the table

After the bolts are inserted, carefully return the worktop to the place, and then begin the process of attaching the board. In order to give stability to the whole structure and to prevent the vibration from operating the machine, fix it in the following sequence: nut - metal gasket - board - metal gasket - nut. We draw your attention to the fact that the regiment should supposedly "soar" in the air. Thus, above the first nut there is a gap of a few centimeters. The resulting distance between the table top and the shelf is just for the location of the base of the machine and the output of all the wires.

Inga worktop

We fix a sewing machine

Anchoring wire

To table look presentable, it may be coated paint or leave it in its original form. After all, according to the manufacturer, Inga over time will look just only better.

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    21.12.2013 23:49 | #
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    It is unlikely that modern cars need to be built into the countertop ... Now, if someone suggested, as one original and ergonomic hide :)
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    22.12.2013 14:22 | #
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    It may not be needed. But this is a very good option, instead of constantly pulling it out of the box and put on a hundred, and then again to hide. And yes, designed for those who enjoy sewing machine often
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    24.12.2013 10:06 | #
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    Guest quote:
    good option, instead of constantly pulling it out of the box and put on a hundred, and then again to hide.

    Well, the author knows best. Perhaps he thinks that pulling out of the machine table itself to replace the lower coil three times per session sewing easier than simply remove the bay, yes : Lol: Perhaps the author of a bodybuilder, but :D

    And yes, I use the machine very often, but I still do not like it when it breaks or is in sight, or gathering dust in the bag. While option - to stand on the bottom shelf in the closet.
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    26.12.2013 19:03 | #
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    Guest quote:
    [Quote name = "Guest"]

    And yes, I use the machine very often, but I still do not like it when it breaks or is in sight, or gathering dust in the bag. While option - to stand on the bottom shelf in the closet.

    Everyone has the right to choose ...
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    20.05.2016 16:52 | #
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    Comrades, this option is suitable for industrial machines (they are almost always built into the countertop. Household do not need that.
    Advantages of such accommodation - the normal height of the machine (like your desktop). If shёsh much for himself, but even more so in the order, this is a must, otherwise the arms and back very tired.
    Good luck everyone)
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    27.07.2016 13:44 | #
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    Maybe for household sewing machines and for storing a table and is not needed, but if you're ever faced with a freely-way th stitch fabrics patchwork, then immediately appreciate that the shelf machines is on one level with the table., especially if a large canvas. It has to move his hands and much more convenient when all the fabric is coplanar with the needle. : Lol:

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