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Bar table - to your pleasure, guests in the fun

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Bar counterVariety of design images in which it is possible to issue their own habitation, divided into 3 great stylistic groups: historical, ethnic and modern. Perhaps that make up the last group of the most styles are in demand for design apartments in the bustling metropolis or a country house. Big spacious room, the use of a wide range of materials and shapes, colors and textures - all this modern style. The design does not forget the bar for the living roomAs an essential attribute of this style.

You have already set out to acquire an elegant storage for drinks and a place where you can have a few drinks with friends. Spent a lot of time in search, but did not see what you need for you. Nothing could be easier. We propose to make the bar with your hands using products from the catalog IKEA:

In addition to these items need LED ribbon handles for cabinets, screws, bolts, drill.

In order for our bar with LED lighting did not look so sad, take boxes of different sizes. For stability connect them together with bolts.

The basis of the bar

Drawers, which are equipped with lockers, very convenient to use. At its discretion, they can also provide additional internal elements.

The doors of the bar

Mounting box

Then you need to install the countertop. B IKEA catalog they provided a sufficiently large number. You can easily make a choice in favor liked option.

Countertop bar

Next, fasten the glass doors on cabinets, pre spending on their perimeter LED Strip and install all the necessary elements for its functioning.

Glass door


Fixing glass doors

Addition of the console do Capito the bar more graceful.

Bar with illumination

Filling bar

A pair of high chairs and alcoholic arsenal doukomplektuyut definitively bar image in your living room.

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    13.11.2014 02:30 | #
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    Well, for me, the farm is such a thing as a bar without the need, but always happy to watch your alterations to use the ideas in other angles)
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    14.02.2015 11:11 | #
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    I also have an option of Ikea
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    13.05.2015 09:19 | #
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    but you can read more on how you have fixed the glass doors on cabinets.
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      15.06.2015 09:42 | #
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      At the door of the back there are holes for the hinges. They can be expanded to form pear-shaped holes (as is commonly done in the photo frame). And the doors just hang on the screws.

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