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Treadmill - not a moment to lose!

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TreadmillNot long ago, a hybrid has been released to the market: Treadmill + Computer desk. This combination is mainly designed for application office workers. The track is attached to any side of the table. It is equipped with a display panel, which displays information about the speed, time, driven kilometers and calories burned. They have a very low speed range of up to 0,5 3,2 km / h. Treadmill It runs quietly because its presence will not disturb others.

American companies have already carried out the first tests on its employees and their assurances of recent performance has increased significantly. In addition, it decreases the risk of various diseases, provoked by long hours of sedentary work. There is one significant minus - is the price.

This combination directly from the manufacturer is not cheap. If you already have Treadmill for homeWe'll tell you how to use a computer to make IKEA table for her.

Stock up on the following supplies:

  • worktop LINNMON;
  • ADILS legs;
  • PVC pipe;
  • fittings of different configurations (devices that are used to connect pipes);
  • a drill, a saw, bolts.

Countertops for the table can be selected from the catalog of the right color and the right size for you. It already comes with holes for the legs. We only need to tie them.


For what would have been the possibility of sharing Treadmill weight loss and computer table, resort to the use of PVC pipes. They should be slightly larger than the diameter of the table legs. Feet inserted into the tube, and fasten the fitting type clutch. This mount allows to adjust the height of the table. Using the same PVC pipe, fittings form a corner and tee produce table base and additional strengthening for better stability.

Computer desk

So, spending a modest amount, it is easy to make a computer table with adjustable height.

Interactive treadmill for home

Now you have the option to burn the extra calories while you work.

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    It's just a super idea to combine in himself and sport, and hobbies and maybe even work. And a great way to protect computer equipment from the children, that and strive to lead her into disrepair until the mother returns figure.

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