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Big plans on a small kitchen

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Small kitchen PhotoContents Interior small kitchenOn the one hand, it is not easy, but if you approach it with the mind, it can be done effectively. First, let's define what can be considered a small kitchen: kitchen area is no more than about 8 square meters. Also, this category includes narrow and communicating kitchen, and the kitchen has an irregular shape. The purpose of our alterations - to get a beautiful and functional kitchen, with the right selection furniture

Typically, planning kitchen interierDesigners do not recommend to place the hob plate or next to the sink. Between them you need is a small part of the countertop or nightstand. As for furniture, the tall units such canisters is better positioned on both sides of the working surface, thus avoiding its "interrupt".

When choosing wall cabinets and their locations should be considered growth hosts, they have to reach to all family members. According to the standard wall cabinets are located at an altitude of 60 cm above the tabletop.

Today we offer you a bright idea for a small kitchen with rack GNEDBI and doors of the collection NORE. Some small kitchen They have a niche in the wall, which is ideal for our rework.

Shelving GNEDBI

Glass door NORE

Take six racks GNEDBI, we will reliably connect them together. It will turn out beautifully if you use glass doors on top, and blind doors on the bottom. For greater reliability, we will attach the structure to the wall. 

Small kitchen design

Shelving GNEDBI kitchen
Now confused as to what can be stored in such a remarkable cabinet. We have the joy of the company IKEA has a lot of different accessories for the kitchen, not to mention the bowl for storage. Here are the possible filling GNEDBI:

- Banks Bourke и Cover;

- Containers and containers from the collection IKEA 365;

- Salt and pepper shakers Platz;

- Sets of containers TRIP and much more from catalog of products and accessories IKEA.

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