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Floral extravaganza from IKEA

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Lamp-flowerOur today's remake entirely inspired spring. Taking this opportunity, we want to congratulate rasprekrasno and amazing half of our readership. We wish for easy solutions, interesting meetings and memorable moments of life. After all, it is time for renewal and new beginnings, when even nature itself helps create with even greater zeal and fervor.

While nature wakes up, alive and gain vitality, we will create a spring mood in our homes. Presenting your attention the floral decorations Floor lamps NUT.

In the illustrated embodiment used an older model floor lampBut all these manipulations to turn the lamp in flower, can be done with similar designs.

Winding rack

The base of the lamp

For decoration legs we need a thicker yarn in shades of green. Its length should be sufficient for the very foot of the lampshades and to secure petals. Starting at the base and then in a circle, missed the glue thread, wrap the leg lamp.

Flower petals

Ready flower

Then make the workpiece in the form of petals. If you want to make it look as natural as possible, use a special corrugated floristic or crepe paper. It is available in a wide range of colors. Not be difficult to find exactly what you need. With the help of a thin wire and glue form our petals. It depends on you what they will shape and size. At the edge of the petals paving wire, Wrap the edge of the paper and coat with glue. So they will be better to keep its shape. Recommended use glue for decoupage Mod Podge, that will not leave a trace of its presence. Then attach them to the shade.

Flower bulb

Coming to the place where the paper petals, framed his thread. Thereby masking and creating a finished floral image.

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