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Designer ceiling of countertops LAK

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Designer ceilingDeciding to make repairs in the apartment, great attention is paid to the decoration of the ceiling. To date, there are many methods and techniques with which it is possible to decorate the space of the housing that over our heads. Whitewash, paint, wallpaper paste, use panels, suspended construction of plasterboard, tape or strips, polymeric materials - all these numerous options transfiguration ceiling.

With the last two to take into account the fact that ceiling, regardless of the material used, will reduce by about 20 see the height of your room. What should I do if the ceilings in the rooms themselves are low, but there is a desire to transform the interior by means of the above construction? We share with you the possible implementation false ceiling with his hands. Thus, we begin our workshop.

16 countertops pridivannogo table LAK, Pieces of wood, metal fastening corners and plates, bolts, chain - consumables required for the job. Despite the fact that this transformation is implemented in a private house, with minor adjustments to the workflow can be applied in the usual city apartment. Thus produced suspended ceiling for the kitchen or any other room will be a real highlight of the interior.

Wooden structure for conversion

The first step is to build a frame of wooden bars, which will be attached countertops. Our version offers white satin in the number 16 pieces.

Master ceiling

Ikeevsky directory contains 11 colors for the table. You can choose any performance and in any quantity. In the manufacture of the frame, make sure that all its components are in the middle tops. To our designing suspended ceiling looked more complicated, a portion of the tops with glue attach segments bars.

Anchoring countertops

After we perform mounting frame to the table top, it turns out that they are placed at different heights, and, through this, to create an interesting configuration.

Mounting on chains

Suspension design

Remains with the help of parts and circuits through to make a hole in the ceiling to fix the entire structure.

Suspended ceiling with his hands photo

Suspended ceiling closeupReady remake

The result is not only you will be pleased with their appearance, but will not qualify for the room centimeters.

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