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For a small company such a bar area!

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Bar EXPEDITIn the vastness of our capacious in content Categories Alteration We have already talked about how you can beautifully 'Keep' spirits. Today, take a step forward and will add to the shelves with strong drink the bar. If you like to relax in the company, you often come to visit, and finally, apartment size allows, then why not raise a real bar.

To do this just something you need to:

EXPEDIT shelving models are available in several colors. You can choose any depending on your tastes and interior features of the room, where it will settle itself bar. In this embodiment, used snow white gloss, which is able to create a special mood game incident light.

EXPEDIT Shelving

After complete assembly racks made, decide where in you will be placed glasses. It is necessary for making holes for holders. Then attach the metal legs Capito: 6 pieces needed for a large rectangular rack and 4 go to EXPEDIT square.

Mounting rack wall

After two rack compose the letter "G". Thus, a space in the corner for the person tasked to fill the glasses. And around the bar - for guests and members of the household. When docking it turns out that no matter how "eaten up» 2 drawer in a larger size rack. But they have to sacrifice for LED backlight. Along the perimeter of a top plate rack (as shown in the figure), holes for pulling the LED strip. To set the backlight is used as a splitter and extension cable. We will not go into the fine technical details. Let's leave it to those who are more versed in these matters, and will continue to do installation bar corner.

Bar closeup

Glasses in the rack

Further our area is sutured translucent glass. They need to make the hole a short distance from the corners. According to them in the racks also drilled mounting holes. Using bolts firmly fix the glass facades. To give greater aesthetic recommend closing fixing decorative wide hats. Also legs bar corner, you can sew the panels that give it a kind of integrity.

Mount glass

Now we need to - you need to install the bar itself. To do this, use the console of Capito IKEA Catalogue.

Feet Capito

Bar area is ready!

LED backlight

Ready remake

It remains only to fill out all kinds of drinks, clinking glasses and invite your friends to the presentation of the man-made "companion" for parties.

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