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General view of the banquettesIn order to create a truly surprising and culinary delights of their relatives, friends, any owner requires an appropriate atmosphere. Utensils, other kitchen utensils sold if not forever, then for a long period of time. By her choice should be approached thoroughly. Another very important thing - the situation that accompanies the meal.

In today's remake using IKEA, we will create with you a luxury banquette with a high back, which will be a real decoration of your dining room. For this we need:
- EXPEDIT shelving (44h39h185 cm);
- Plywood;
- DSP board (44h39h185 cm);
- Upholstery fabric, foam rubber;
- Staples for fastening material;

Above rack EXPEDIT do not need to perform any manipulation other than those that locate it in a horizontal position. Further, the size of the resulting cut benches board DSP. It glued pieces of foam, which subsequently serve for your convenience when sitting. Value back for banquettes can vary depending on your needs and requirements. It is also possible, if desired, glue foam that will only add to the comfort. In the next step back and cover board upholstery material and by means of brackets are fixed on its surfaces. Coloring material is selected in accordance with your existing decor in the dining room.

Fabric upholstery for banquettes

The seat of the EXPEDIT

If you do not want to spoil the wall mounts, and the house has children, for their safety is not worth doing back very high. In this case, EXPEDIT shelving cope well with the function of maintaining the back in a stable position. If in doubt, you can find additional ways to consolidate.

Fixing banquettes

Finishing banquettes foam

Transformation in the rack bench seating is good because it can be used as additional storage space. It's enough to scrolling through the IKEA catalog select the appropriate style baskets, containers and place them on the shelves. If you have any upholstery material, do not hurry to part with it. It can be used for the manufacture of small pillows that will give more comfort.

Making banquettes

Ready banquette EXPEDIT

Alteration is ideal for those who like to change the details of the interior. After all, we proposed manufacturing option for dining stools can easily turn back into the rack, shelf store shoe bench in the hallway. Be creative, and IKEA will help in the implementation of any of your creative impulses!

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