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kitchen elements in the hallway

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Shoe cabinetNot so easy is to choose the right furniture hallway especially in a small apartment, which with good intentions are not built a huge massive wardrobe. But somewhere in the same need to store outdoor clothing, and various little things like scarves, gloves, etc., but most importantly - shoes, The amount of which sometimes exceeds all conceivable norms. Everyone in the house, even the smallest, must necessarily have their place, so we will think about how to make a place for storing shoes in the hallway.

If you look at the IKEA furniture catalog from a different angle, you can see that it can be used not only for its intended purpose, therefore, of the cupboard, which is mainly used for kitchen, you can get a great, compact cupboard shoe.

So, for the equipment rack at the hall we need:

  • FAKTUMHorizontal wall cabinet - 3 pcs .;
  • TROFASTContainers of different sizes - 2 pcs .;
  • NUMERERWorktop - 1 pcs .;
  • aluminum profiles;
  • hooks;
  • Pens - 3 piece.

Worktop will serve us as a ShelvesHere you can place a variety of decorative items. If necessary, trim it to fit your needs, and then attached to the wall. Now for cabinets, furniture if the color does not suit you or it does not fit into the interior, pre repaint its walls on the sides and doors, as well as in the most recent cabinet - bottom. By this the cupboard attach aluminum profiles such that containers could easily be nominated by means of them.

Shoe cabinet

To the wall in left field under the shelf attach cabinets so that their flaps can be opened without hindrance: the top - at the bottom of the loop, the middle - the loop at the top, bottom - the bottom of the loop. Now you need to screw the handles on each door on the right side, so you can easily open our shoe cabinet.

Storing clothes and shoes with IKEA

In the remaining free area right under the shelf-countertop nailed special hooks for clothes, put in containers TROFAST prearranged connectors, they can be used for various accessories.

Containers in the shoe closet

That's it! Stylish hallway, but rather a place for store clothing that did not take up much space - ready! Your shoes has finally found its place in the house, she did not hang out in the way, blocking the whole passage in the corridor, not gathering dust in boxes in the attic - it is always at hand, in convenient wall cabinets from IKEA. 

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