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Fevik - lighting design

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Color mood with PAXAmazing light plays a role in the interior. In addition to the functional part, it also performs an aesthetic function. It's not just about the lighting. Even an ordinary LED ribbon, garland able to revive and give the room unique and features its own unique style. Today we will please simple to implement, but very impressive in its external design alteration.

We need:

  • door - model Fevik of PAX series;
  • LED Strip;
  • output device, and connect the tape to the power supply;
  • hooks, bolts, pieces of wood, electrical tape;
  • drill, screwdriver.

All the furniture is from IKEA incredibly practical. This alteration is an example, because its main element is a ...door Fevik. The model is present in the directory in two sizes: 50h195 see и 50h229 see with black and brown frame and frosted glass. Equally suitable for conversion either option. One only has to consider the fact that the longer and heavier construction will be. In this case it is necessary to take care of additional fasteners.

Let us return directly to the process. The door must be laid on a flat surface face down. It is recommended to work accurately because inserted into it tempered glass quite fragile.

Mount LEDs

Along the perimeter in several places with bolts attach pieces of wood in a thickness of about 3-4 see. They will form a bit of space between the wall and the door, which in turn "free" part of the light produced by the diodes.

Fixing material must be applied long enough to not break through the front of the door frame. That frame bracket which is fixed to the wall, is provided with special hooks.


Then stretch out on the perimeter LED ribbon, securing it in small pieces of black electrical tape, and print all the wires to connect to the network. In this manipulation of the door end. We can only make its measurements since the fixtures and do the same number of bolt holes in the wall. Once all this is done is to hang Fevik on the wall and connect the light.

Attaching wires

Wire closeup

In our case, did not have to bother masking wires. With this function easily coped TV.

Wall decoration for TV

The idea is easy to implement and in vertical design. It will also come in useful LED ribbon.

Vertical garland

We recommend that you use a garland that waterfall lights will descend from the top down.

Vertical design

Here's a lovely piece you can build an interior, arranging door and LED.

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