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Shoe cabinet Shoe - transformation CHUSIG

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Shoe cabinet Shoe PhotoWe are surrounded by a large number of items. In the endeavors to get rid of overloading premises, we lay all on the cabinets, chests and other spacious designs. Did not pass this fate and shoes. For example, for a family of three living in conditions of 4-seasons and even more off-season shoes in the hallway accumulated an incredible amount. And to make it all somehow streamline we remember the cabinet, obuvnitse, Shoe cabinet ...

Whatever you call this thing, he has one function - compact storage of shoes. A Shoe cabinet IKEA constructed in the form of cabinets, which in addition to the content in the order shoes, allow to lay down there again and gloves, scarves, hats. Also in the catalog, there are many options for shelves. They are made either in the style of windows - Shoes is located entirely on the sole, or slim version, when the shoe is placed at an angle.

Now we are heading in the remake, and therefore will create Shoe cabinet for shoes with his hands. It is based on a series of take shelf CHUSIG in white.

Shoe rack CHUSIG

Before it is collected, a single row of tubes using a cutting tool for metal share 2 approximately equal parts.

CHUSIG - Shoe cabinet

After we clean cut all the rough edges. Then collect our home-made. Side CHUSIK transformed into the base, in which a number of 2 inserted tube. To Regiment Do not damage or scratch the floor, you can use special stickers FIXA.

Putting shelf CHUSIG

CHUSIK - Shoe cabinet in the hallwayThat allows you to create entire combination for shoe storage. She easily using connecting fasteners for fixing stacked. And here you have available 4 shelves. Our nemudrenyh alteration complement them like a kind of Shoe cabinet.

Ready Shoe cabinet

This option is perfect, for example, drying of rubber boots and Crocs. And if you operate it, for example, in the street at the entrance to the house, then you need to take care of the protection of the wooden support from the weather.

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    The idea is very fresh, but I have two but. First in the house where he lives baby it categorically does not fit due to the high degree of injury. Secondly shoe in this condition should always be kept clean.

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