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Geometric mosaic - decor Grogg

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Ready decor table GroggUsing mosaic as a facing material has more than two thousand years. Its relevance it has not lost in our days. The secret to a long life and popular mosaic simple. Multi-colored pieces glass or ceramics, you can create amazing drawings on the beauty that can liven up and personalize any room. Mosaic is universal and can act as an addition to ceramic tile, independent art panels, decor pieces of furniture. And so it is practical to use, for example, that it covered the surface will serve you for decades.

In our today's remake, we will create a small coffee table as it may seem at first glance, it is absolutely incompatible objects using a small mosaic decoration. To do this, we need to prepare in advance: 

  • tray Grogg (D = 38 cm);
  • basket BRANES (32h35h32 cm);
  • ceramic or glass chips Mosaic;
  • 4 bolt;
  • adhesive, grout, rubber spatula.

Tray Grogg stainless steel will fulfill the role countertops, Which will be subsequently placed in a mosaic pattern. In order to design the table was more robust and stable, we turn Cart BRANESIn our version of the color of rattan, upside down. To him with four bolts attach tray. Then proceed to gluing chips.

Grogg attach to BRANES

By the choice of the form of mosaic elements should go thoroughly, since the surface area for creativity rather modest. The ideal option would be pieces of the same shape, of which can be folded geometric patterns. Chosen for drawing chips, with glue fixed on the tray.

Blue mosaic for Grogg

For the final chord, we need to disguise all the voids that formed between the pieces of the mosaic. To do this, we use the trowel. Depending on what colors prevail in the picture, you can choose the color and grout. In our case, a white trowel was used. No matter how carefully you try to fill the seams with it, some part will still fall on the mosaic. The peculiarity of this material is that it dries quickly, thus forming an unsightly appearance of the mosaic. In this case, just use a lightly damp cloth that easily removes any flaws.

Application Grogg

Small piece of furniture is ready to accompany you for a cup of coffee!

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