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An ideal place for souvenirs

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Tandem LEDBERG-EXPEDITShelves EXPEDIT is very useful not only as the repository for books and magazines, but also as a kind of booth for souvenirs. Since we all strive to create a beautiful and unique style in our home, it is necessary to be smart when equipping an apartment. One has only to put glass inserts into the rack and equip it with LED lamps, and it immediately takes on a completely different look. Now, even in the dark, the collection of your souvenirs will be visible to the eye. Fans of reading do not have to turn on the overhead light to find the book they need, just press the switch on the outside of the rack and the shelves will light up.

Set this same switch, as well as a lamp, you may well be able themselves, for this you will need:
- EXPEDIT, Box with glass door;
- Vandal-button switch;
- The power cable.

Generally install the insert in the rack is optional, but if you are planning to arrange a place for statues and memorials souvenirsIt is better not to skip this step. Glass shelves and doors are ideal for showcasing decorative objects.

Showcase for souvenirs

In order to make the backlight rack you have to drill two holes, one for power cables do - EKSPEDITA behind, the other for the switch - on the front. Now you need to make a layout for the installation of both valves LEDBERG using a level, you do not want to instruments hung crooked? Then, on the need to attach the screws Lamp in targeted areas. To extra wires does not prevent us, measure out the distance from the junction box to the switch and from the switch to the light, cut off the right amount of wires. Left to spend the cable from the radio button to the two lamps and to the junction box, not forgetting the grounding. At the final step is screwed into the bulb and check the functionality.

Vandal button

Remember that electricity be trifled with - always turn off the power before you will carry out similar work, otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.

Ready showcase for souvenirs

Not necessarily to hire an electrician to "hold light" to the shelf, you yourself exactly cope with this case. Just a few minutes spent, and you get a wonderful illuminated stand for your gift!


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