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Cargo Kitchen rack of live

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Cargo in the kitchen photoToday we talk a little bit about the innovations for kitchens. Although cargo (Drawer or basket) are actively used advanced mistresses, but think there are those who do not quite understand all the charm of owning such a magical invention of modern furniture. And we will offer you the option of cargo for the kitchen with his hands. 

Cargo Kitchen usually a wire basket or box, built into the bottom (top) floor of the kitchen cabinet. Often the cargo and establish the full height lockers. This storage system makes it possible to save a lot of space. But its main advantage - practicality. Cargo Floor can be different, for example, paint or enamel etc. Organization of internal space can also have different versions: tiers, shelves, hooks, etc. In the vast cargo kitchen can store bottles, canned food, spices, towels and many more things.

Cargo Kitchen

Our modifications will be devoted to Cargo KitchenIn which to store everything you need for cleaning (broom, dustpan, rags, mop, household chemicals). For rework we take a completely unexpected piece of furniture - Live shelving. If your kitchen has a small space, such as between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, it would be a great place for cargo.

Storage in the kitchen

Rack Live perfect for the role of cargo, however, can be a bit of space to reorganize it and attach rollers through which the cargo will roll out like an ordinary box, only vertical. Do not forget the chrome handle, which makes Extending the cargo from the niche more comfortable.  

Cargo inside

Cargo in

Note that alteration can not do one rack, ideally there should be two. Although ... if you apply a little creativity and ingenuity, it is possible that you will come to a head, and other solutions and options!


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    Even I never thought that you can make a beautiful, compact and spacious locker for storage of kitchen utensils and tools for cleaning doma.I importantly it takes up very little space.
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    Oh, it's just a godsend for housewives. With the help of a cargo can easily do away with the mess in the kitchen and the main thing you will always know what and where is. Convenient and practical!

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