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Remaking chest LEKSVIKLeather - one of the few materials that boasts a wide range of applications for decorating the room. She participates in the decoration of furniture, walls, floors, as well as in the manufacture of various accessories for the house. This noble material does not age and does not wear out. By no means. Rather, it adapts to the style and lifestyle of its master. And over time, only gaining "stars", like a good cognac, becoming a real exclusivity. And not necessarily it should be something bulky, the skin can arrange light accents. Today's remake, we demonstrate how this task is being cope leather handles for furniture.

So, at our disposal roomy LEKSVIK chest of drawers for the living room. To start dismantle the handles that are fixed on the boxes. Chest covered with a layer of acrylic lacquer that before painting to remove. You can do this manually using sandpaper or use a sander. Then take a white acrylic paint and divorce her in the ratio 50: 50 with water. The resulting composition by rigid brush paint the dresser. As a result, its color changed, but the texture is clearly visible at the same time.


Holes in the chest LEKSVIK

Covering LEKSVIK

What remains is to make a left Leather Handles. For this we need pieces of skin in an amount equal to the boxes. They are on the edges, holes and, using screws, attach to the facades boxes. Agree that LEKSVIK now looks more stylish than the original in its execution.

Leather handles photo

LEKSVIK chest of drawers with leather handles

Also share with you the idea how to even lighter and easier to update the look of the chest. And this will help Leather HandlesMade of a belt. At the heart of remaking a chest of drawers with 3-drawers BRIMNES. Of the belt make three equal segments. We perform at the ends of the slots for screws. In each hole from dismantled pens insert dowel. Then, using a screwdriver screwed screws into the dowels. Mini update is ready.


Attaching handles

Holes in the handles

Fixing leather handles

Remaking BRIMNES

But, when all visible advantages, the skin has one major drawback: the ability to acquire items from in Interior Skin will cost a pretty penny. Naturally, this applies to some global affairs. But do not be upset. Artificial leather for furniture - a very good alternative to natural. It is not only more affordable, but also has a very reasonable external and operational parameters.

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