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Compact library on wheels

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Library on wheelsNot always at the books and various documents required to put a massive outdoor shelving, it can be easily replaced by a convenient module on wheels, which you can see in the picture. It is ideal for apartments with very limited space and can also make a fully functional room with a sloped ceiling. This alteration requires some skills of a carpenter, as well as appropriate tools, since you will have to work with wood. The rest is pretty simple.  

To create a "library on wheels" you will need:

To start collecting modules EXPEDITIs attached to the wheels of them, put them together and put on top countertop in order to determine how much it is required to shorten it, we must leave about 20 cm in reserve. We fasten 2 tabletops to each other in such a way that together they form an angle. One of the sides will be against the wall and then you will get a table.

Preparing for the alteration

LINNMON inside

Shelves should be free to slide out from under the table, and for this we will put rollers under the sink. From the wooden bars, we need to cut 4 delimiter for shelving, as well as for fastening clips. Overturn angle (countertop) upside down, have it all modules and fasten EXPEDIT videos with bars in the following order:
One movie - on the side of the table top;
1sm - bar;
1 see - empty space;
Place for EXPEDIT;
1 see - empty space;
3 cm - bar + 2 roller;
1 cm - pustoeprostranstvo;
Place for EXPEDIT;
1 see - empty space;
3 cm - bar + 2 roller;
1 see - empty space;
Place for EXPEDIT;
1 see - a place to empty space;
3 cm - bar + video.

Make sure that the rollers are located at the top of the rack to the modules quietly put forward due to the rollers.

The upper part of LINNMON

Fixing the upper part LINNMON

Make a hole in LINNMON



Mounting clip

Making sidewall


Install the library on wheels

This corner store books, magazines, documents and many other items will not only help save space in your home, but also diversifies the interior perfectly. If you are tired of the endless stacks of books on the table, but the desire to clutter the room, a large rack does not occur, this "library on wheels" will be just in time, it can be placed in your account, as well as the bedroom or living room - in any case it is always help you out.

Library on wheels

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