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Compact arrangement of two-wheeled iron friends

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Placing bikeIf you are still wandering in search of inspiration and inexpensive starting materials for their future exclusive gizmos - it's time to stop! Welcome to IKEA Stores! After all, ever-changing diversity of the company's products, is nothing but a springboard for the realization of the most daring and, at times, very unusual design solutions and ideas.

In our today's article, as you might guess from the title, we will focus on the design of extraordinary places for bike storage.

I agree that it is something very impressive size, that their presence in the corridor could bring some inconvenience. Hanging behind the wheel - not an option. All that you will achieve - is a deformation of the wheel. Finally, the bike in the family may be a few.

Elegant, of course, if enough space and you do not have to literally win the coveted square meters in the apartment space. Road every centimeter? Then feel free to take into service and design to their rack mounts for bicycles, especially because all the materials are available. The basic foundation of the product are series STOLMEN:

In addition, please be bolted to fasten design, trim aluminum pipe and a small amount of foam.

Now all you need to choose the optimal size of a tube in accordance with the bikes. At the ends of the tube to drill one hole - the future location for attachment hooks.

STOLMEN reception. Step 1

 Their pre worth glue, foam or other suitable material for these purposes, in order to avoid unwanted damage bicycle designs.

STOLMEN reception. Step 2

All harvesting is screwed to the brackets that are placed on a rack at a desired distance from each other.

STOLMEN reception. Step 3

STOLMEN reception. Step 4

The final stage of the manufacture of simple device - mount racks, which are adjusted to the required distance between the floor and ceiling.

Variations on the theme are endless. For example, with the help of this device can be placed even three bicycles.

3 bicycle rack

For structural strength You can use 2-mja racks и clothes rail all of the same series STOLMEN. The only negative - the people of small stature will be difficult to remove the wheel located at the top.

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