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Creative for the full or upgrade mini chest MOTAPMs

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Card file of mini chest MOTAPMsThe company's products IKEA is good because it gives you the opportunity to prove himself a designer, artist and realize their wildest creative ideas. The catalog is full of gizmos at affordable prices, which can be transformed beyond recognition, absolutely fit into any decor. In our "Alterations IKEA" present to your attention one of them - mini locker MOTAPMs.

These few boxes make our lives are incredibly comfortable. With the Italian "comodo" word for word translation is "comfortable". In fact, it can be considered a good workpiece and the basis for further reforms. The surface of untreated wood, miniature size 29 smH18 smH22 see, low cost - options that allow you to give free rein to creativity. There is a small dressing table, a spacious drawer to organize securities or impressive size rack, alterations option directly depend on your needs.
At first consideration it may be considered for the ugly and boring piece of furniture. It is worth to try it scraps of fabric, stencils, accessories, a pair of bright paint dabs and he looks like a completely different way, gaining new features. As one option, mini-dresser MOTAPM perfect to accommodate the filing. In the case of its impressive size, it is possible to connect several chests together.
For transformation need special pen, equipped with a holder for the signature of the contents of each of them, for the treatment of wood stain surfaces and oil (impregnation lacquer), which will be used in the final stage.

Handles for mini-chest

MOTAPM boxes originally provided with semicircular cutouts simulating handle. They are no longer relevant. Get rid of them, you can simply reverse turning storonoy.Pered boxes we begin to cover the stained surface, it must be thoroughly sanded using fine sandpaper, remove dust. With color, you can play and choose to your taste and discretion. Using a brush or a soft sponge, preferably, apply a coat of stain and repeat the procedure if necessary. Sanding some places MOTAPM, You can give it a slightly aged antique look. So, changing the color of the dresser, you need to take care of its protection from the time factor, external influences and give it an unobtrusive shine. It is easy to implement, using a special oil for the treatment of wooden surfaces. Its deep penetration guarantees a long service life of the product and its increased wear resistance. It is applied in the 3 layer, after a few minutes all the excess is removed. Approximately in 6 hours, after the chest has completely dried, you can proceed to fixing the knobs with the plates. As you can see, several simple manipulations mini locker MOTAPMs in a stylish and functional piece of furniture.

Mini chest of drawers in a file cabinet MOTAPMs

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