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Creative children's night light with your hands

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Children's night light with his hands photoToday children's night light is a convenient invention for children and their parents. For example, it will help if the child is afraid to stay in a dark room, and if you need to light up a room, but not to wake the baby. Modern Children's bedside may be in the form of animals, plants and flowers are also very popular with butterflies and stars. However, most models of children's night light is already fairly "pall". Let's together produce exclusive children's night lightWhich will decorate the baby's room and is the only one of its kind, made with his own hands.    

Until the early alteration prepare the following items and tools:

Frame Ribby

- Frame Ribby;

- Printed / painted clouds drawing on the paper size A4;

- Pencil;

- Scotch tape;

- LED (light-emitting diode) lights.

Recommendations for manufacturing technology nightlight child with his hands:

Frame cloud

Ribby in the interior

Place the paper on a flat but soft surface with a pencil and make a small hole on the perimeter of the cloud. Insert the lights in the holes and secure them with tape on the back side. Then lock the sheet with a cloud in the box Ribby, hiding the battery by the edges of the frame.

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    Very creative, I think that every person can make a beautiful and unique night light in the main bedroom of their children, so that they were not afraid to sleep alone at night.
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    When you look at such alterations in the first place you see what they do with the soul. Kids probably will be delighted by this nightlight-cloud)

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