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Kredentsa - elegance and grace in one bottle

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Medieval kredentsaUnder the heading alterations IKEA we not only show and tell about how you can transform or transform products from IKEA CatalogueBut try as much as possible to immerse the reader in the history of the newly created things. And so, the next excursion. But to start a small question: How exactly short and elongated Furniture attribute that is used to store utensils and other kitchen utensils? Surely, each of you will respond in their own way and in their own way will be right. Sideboard, chest of drawers, wardrobe or cupboard, for sure, will be the most popular answers. And if you met this definition as kredentsa? If so, is not as common as, for example, a chest of drawers. That's about it and go on talking.

KredentsaIn its original version, is a low cabinet, which was decorated with carvings or paintings. This piece of furniture was quite common during the Renaissance in Italy. Translated from Italian as «credenza» means trust. By the way, first served kredentsy help when checking cooked for dignitaries food for the presence of poison. At the very first kredents no legs. Over time, they have acquired new features. Most often, in their capacity as could be seen a small adjustment cabinet on elegant stems.

In search of Furniture item, You are waiting for a slight disappointment. It can be very costly. We will help you to avoid it.

To create your own kredentsy take Three of the locker series FAKTUM. Before you create a wooden frame, make them in a row and fasten together to reinforce the entire structure. Perfectly suited to rework any old furniture that you no longer need. If there is none, get an appropriate length wood harvesting. Sutured completely our lockers, preform varnish for wood.

Prior to the alteration

Kredentsa side view

Kredentsa pen photo

To hang on the door handle. In our case, we chose a golden color, the appearance of which kredentsy only gaining extra points. It remains to tie the legs and tone knobs to make caps for them.

Kredentsa legs photo

Kredentsa in the interior

Kredentsa ready, and delicate taste and masterovitym hands host, of course, be envied by any guest in your home.

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    Very interesting solution can be put in the living room as a coffee cabinet or TV stand or laptop. It seemed to me such a cabinet is very easy to make yourself.
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    08.11.2014 03:37 | #
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    Great for anything in interior solutions. I generally just a dream to replace the tall cabinets that's so spacious and functional tables. With their help, as well it can be zoned space.
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    13.11.2014 02:35 | #
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    Always amazes simple designs that you offer. So really boring furniture can easily give a second life and transform it beyond recognition.

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