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Double Bed IKEAToday we will understand how to build your bedroom feng shui, and also consider the main points of the choice bed in the bedroom. Bedroom - a special place in the house, which should fill the human force required for vigorous activity during working hours. 

So, our advice on Feng Shui:

- Do not place the bed "feet" to the output;

- Put the bed headboard to the wall to create a support and reliable back, avoid placing the bed next to the window;

- As far as possible above the bed should not be any shelf or concrete or hardwood floors, no chandeliers;

- It is impossible to bed reflected in a mirror;

- Feng Shui for the most unfavorable bed of metal, but the wooden bed - on the contrary;

- It is not recommended to create an active energy crossroads, which means the location of the bed to pass the "window-door";

- Bed, standing next to the door, facing heavy sleep;

- On the bed should not be "watching" the sharp edges of other furniture;

- Create a positive awakening, when you can see something nice, for example, a picture or a vase.

This is all that relates to the location bed in the bedroom. Now on to the bed itself as a piece of furniture.

Of course, nice to sleep in the spacious, comfortable beds. Let's see how we can build it with their hands out goods IKEA. Our bed will really have a huge amount, "king size". To acquire this Racking KallaxOf which produce the perimeter, a platform for the future of the bed. Will be located in the middle of the table top LACK table and two shelves EKBI.

Rack Kallax

Thus, we will have a place to put an electronic handheld device, put the lamp and even play a board game. 

Bedroom by IKEA

As a mattress for our big bed can be recommended: spring mattresses SULTAN Hooghly or HAMARVIK, Latex mattresses SULTAN ENGENES or Morgedal.

Please note that due to our frame bed in the bedroom on the Feng ShuiMade from the shelves, we will have extra storage space and bedding accessories.

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