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Interior for dollsLike a lot of different furniture, decor items and accessories can be obtained from IKEA items if the show even share intelligence. But to be honest, to please the original, self-assembled furniture, you can not only yourself, but also ... dolls! But what, in fact, not only do we need in a cozy interior, so that this alteration will consider ways to make two stylish piece of furniture for a dollhouse.

In order to collect an armchair and coffee table, we need:

  • Bland MATT, Serving bowl - 2 pcs .;
  • TOLSBIThe frame for two pictures;
  • chopsticks for sushi (preferably round shape) - 4 pcs .;
  • Styrofoam;
  • hot glue;
  • Super glue.

Well, let's start? To start up loans seat. We need to take a stand on a circular frame TOLSBI (It will serve as a support for the seat) and an example of it to the bowl Bland MATT so that the capacity could resemble a seat, that is, about the middle of the side from the bottom to the top of the bowl. In any case, note the place marker. Now glue the base to the marked place with hot glue. The chair is ready! On request it is also possible to sew a small pillow. 

The chair of the IKEA for dolls

Chair of the bowls from IKEA Bland MATT

We turn to the production of the second element of the interior of the puppet - table. It is necessary to cut out the shape of the foam so that it was equal to the shape of the recess in a bowl. The surface, which actually will be a table, cover color film or kitchen foil, and then glue the finished foam shape to the bowl.

Puppet table from bowls

chopsticks for sushi will be used for the legs. 4 saw off all the sticks at about three centimeters from the tip. Try on them at the bottom of the bowl so that our table could be sustained, and its surface - smooth. We are making a mark in the appropriate places. At the end of glue the legs to the table with the help of super-glue.

So a simple way, thanks to IKEA and subjects of his imagination, you can get fashionable armchair and lovely table in the same style, now the dolls will also be able to invite friends for tea!

Doll's furniture in the interior

Complementing table decorative items (vases with flowers, various figures, books, plates with cups), and the seat cushion of soft color, you get a full set of stylish furniture for dollsThat you can give your children to play, if the course is not a pity. For collectors of the furniture will be an excellent complement to the dollhouse, it is possible to demonstrate without shame adult guests.

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