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Kitchen island bar from the rack EXPEDIT

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Remaking EXPEDITYou got a long-awaited own apartment or house? Do not want to resort to highly paid designers and want to build their own homes themselves? Pay attention to the products of the company IKEA, which is like a constructor in skilled hands and creative approach to business is going in exactly suitable to your interior furniture and accessories. IKEA can do with infinitely! The hero of our today's rework kitchen Island Bar, Alteration of the rack EXPEDIT. In our case, it was conceived by the small size of the kitchen to optimize space and to cope with this task perfectly. 

For it will need quite a bit, as follows:

EXPEDIT shelving (149h79h39 cm);
a piece of chipboard, size 149h79 cm;
small nails.

First we need to build your own self EXPEDIT shelving. IKEA furniture items have a simple complete set, in which all intuitive. Rack model is good because it can be used in either vertical or horizontal position. Suitable for our needs just the second option. Variegated colors and the ability to choose a bright luster allow maximum benefit to beat cooking space. One side of the rack with the help of small nails to sew up the board and be painted in the color of the rack. Then attach the top panel is adjustable in height Capito legsOn which is placed countertop. It should be slightly larger in size than the rack. This will allow more convenient to place him and visually looks much better. IKEA catalog a wide range of worktops. Offer to pay attention to LINNMON or PREGEL.

Kitchen minibar EXPEDIT

Himself doukoplektovyvaem rack inserts drawers and doors EXPEDIT to suit your needs. The combination here can be any. If you do not like the handles on the drawers or they do not match with your kitchen interior, they can easily be replaced by more appropriate. The space between the top and by the rack can be used to store any items that are needed in the kitchen. For this purpose, suitable KNARRA basket in white wood. Also nice to be combined model baskets hand-woven BYUHOLMA. As you can see the minimum effort and output have island bar, which allows you to save a lot of space in the kitchen. Complete with high chairs for them, you can eat or simply used as an extra work surface. Place a rack on it and use it to store the materials at hand.

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