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Lacquered TV stand

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Lacquer TV StandLet's take some traveling. Fast forward a few decades ago, during the Soviet era. Cluttered, preferably solid furniture, the apartment - the standard of the time. Surely everyone remembers bulky in size to half the room, suites "wall." One of the rooms is required to present a sideboard with cherished sets of china and crystal. Painted carpet with the most unimaginable adorning almost every wall in the house. TV table was comparable to the pedestal: a huge and unwieldy. One had the feeling that the apartments of all Soviet citizens to equip one and the same person. They were like twins. Fortunately, everything has changed dramatically.

A variety of styles, materials, colors, furniture production methods allow us to make choices, guided by their taste preferences. With the advent of various types of equipment, audio and video equipment manufacturers to develop and continuously improve TV Stand. For example, IKEA catalog be sure to find a suitable model. Proponents of the classics can use this attribute furniture made of wood, with compartments for equipment or drawers for storage. High-tech style, or any other modern interior decorate direction TV table glass fully or with the individual parts of a brittle, but it is only at first glance, the material.

Ready nightstand LAK

In today's global transformation of the alteration will not. We only show you how to in just a few steps to transform one of IKEA products. Thus, based on LAK - TV table in white. It is low, with no extra fussy details. Also, there is no back panel. This design solution makes it easy to place all cables from the equipment, which is located in the inner shelf.

Decorative element

Cupboard LACK inside

We need to convert the furniture stapler, additional legs, basement of a series PERFECT and cut Colour Options. The last component, you can choose a sufficiently good quality. The material is selected in such a way that passes the signal from the remote to the desired device. The legs are set into the inner shelf for more than a clear separation, as well as additional support under the TV. Plinths in the catalog, have a length of more than 2-meters. Because just doing fit the size of the holes Household TVAnd then sew up his pre-prepared material. Now you only install our billet.

Ready remake

This nightstand that will suit the role of cache, and close buttons are beckoning from small children.

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    Stylish. practical and nice. And most importantly, I can say to the naked eye such alteration can be done independently and in a short time. Very interesting option for design solutions.

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