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LIKNANDE creates a floral mood

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Hanging lamp LIKNANDEInterior premises - it's not just furniture and its components, it is a reflection of family values ​​and attitudes, the people living in it. When we equip an apartment or a house, we certainly understand that his situation one way or another affect our lives. After all, interior certainly associated with leisure, socializing and people with home holidays and spending time on weekdays. Important role to play in this regard, the light source. Their task - to form a single interior style, So they should choose a certain creativity.

Hanging chandeliers and lamps are the most, in our view, beautiful and interesting elements of interior decoration. The range of shapes and configurations of modern lighting strikes by its diversity. That is to choose something for your interior style nowadays not be easy. As you may have guessed, today we will focus on the pendant luminaires. Offer to make this element of the interior, which can be even figuratively called the "soul of the interior," with his own hands.
Kitchen lighting
Remaking be as simple as possible, but at the same time, it will give the room cozy and create a unique atmosphere. For rework we purchased a set of decorations in a series of products LIKNANDE and LED lamps LEDARE E27.
Decorations LIKNANDE
Surprisingly, Lamp LEDARE perfect "fit" into the design LIKNANDE. Fix the wire along the "stem" of an imaginary flower and carry it to the rest of the feed point.
Hanging lamp LIKNANDEIn this simple way, we get the original and stylish piece of furniture - pendant light for the kitchen. By the way, in comparison with conventional incandescent lamps, LED lamps are in 20 times longer and consume up to 85% less electricity.
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    So simple, you can create a stylish device for the consecration. I think that in a country house, they will please your eyes and attract the attention of visitors and you will be proud of the fact that they could themselves make this beauty.
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    It is a great idea to refresh your interior. And most importantly, you can make a very interesting and even a vintage decoration for your doma.Stoit try to make such beauty.
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    An interesting, and most importantly a very stylish version of the fixtures turned. so you can easily not only to decorate the kitchen space, and a bedroom or living room.

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