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Master class: decoupage for beginners

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IVAR chairBack in the XII century peasants living in China, and did not think that the use of very thin paper as applications for the embellishment of their homes, furniture and various accessories to grow and develop into a true art. Over time, this trend will visit Germany, Venice, France, England, America, and, finally, at the beginning of the XXI century about him and learned Russian. Surprising is the fact that only in the XX century only doing this consolidated definition of "decoupage"(From the French« découpage »-« cut »).

Decoupage technique is versatile and can be applied to almost all the things that surround us. In other words decoupage technique submits to any surface - glass, leather, ceramics, wood. Among all, perhaps, comes to the fore decoupage furnitureAs the most common and widespread. After all, it easily revive outdated, but still neat interior. Turn homely or already pretty bored in this exclusive furniture. On the pages of our column alterations IKEA you will find a couple of ideas in this way. Today's remake we will fill up this series and offer its own version of the transfiguration of the model IVAR - "boring" chair with a backrest made of pine.

Steps rework

Alteration of the course

Before making decoupage on woodMust be sanded and cleaned surface from dust and other foreign substances. To work with IVAR we use clippings from old magazines, mostly in black and white. Glue liberally coat with wooden surface portion of the chair and paste the image of the image. In the illustrated embodiment, some parts IVAR covered with white and blue acrylic paint that brings its own flavor to the design. At the stage of applying the paint will certainly use masking tape. It will protect already pasted pictures from magazines from falling paint.

Decoupage IVAR

As you can see, decoupage furniture - It is a simple task that can bring in the interior is not only the individual, but also significantly extend the lifespan interior.

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