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Master Class with IKEA: pufostol or footstool

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Stool for photo feetStool or pouf for legs piece of furniture, which is not required to be present in every home. Many do not even think about buying it. "By itself," - so you can describe the nature of the attribute of the furniture. However, his presence in the room, its interior component only wins.

Footstool great functions as a complement to the main furniture ensemble. In addition, he brings a touch of comfort. Agree also that when he got home and, sitting in an easy chair and sofa, exclusively pleased to entrust their feet this uncomplicated subject. And if he is, and will take over the functionality of the table, in such a position does not interfere to drink a cup of coffee. It is this "pufostol" we will tinkering in today's category alterations IKEA.

In order to begin to do footstool with his own hands, Have appropriate tools:

Square table LAK

  •          LACK coffee table in any color;
  •          wooden slats;
  •          foam;
  •          cloth;
  •          stapler for furniture;
  •          bolts.

First of wooden slats frame slips, which will be located in the center of the table. That it will serve as a separator for the actual table and the area where you can give your feet a rest. By means of staples for furniture the lower part of the frame perimeter attach tissue.

Poof leg photo

Then, using the screws, fasten frame to our table. After the cut pieces of foam the size corresponding to the distance from the frame to the edges of the table. In order to be better fixed, adhesive may be used. Remains the last stage. Cover with a cloth and foam entire anchoring her under the table. Here is our uncomplicated modifications implemented and ready to use.

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    I think that many fans to sit comfortably at the TV device will appreciate it and will be able to relax in comfort. Sometimes so tired with running, the feet are buzzing, and this table will help reduce the pain a bit.
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    That's my word, here you are telling the secrets of that hand and scratched use such valuable knowledge. What's interesting, even with such a design is quite cope rookie!

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