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Marble decor: for those who like it hot

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Additional storage in the kitchenEvery housewife dreams to a place in the kitchen was organized convenient to not have to spend much time looking right thing. In a small kitchen, this problem is combined with the fact that he still had to solve the problem of storage. Extra Storage can be obtained from the shelves, drawers on wheels that will extend the work surface. It is also quite popular in small kitchens narrow and tall sliding cabinets that are imperceptible when in the retracted position, but quite roomy. If you think that rack on wheels will look to your kitchen a little "exotic", you can stop on a stationary narrow shelf with drawers.

Today we'll show an interesting option that can arrange additional storage in the kitchen. To do this, we use the following "elements": EXPEDIT shelving (Or, as he now called for a new way - Kallax - this we wrote earlier), 8 large Container LEKMAN 2015. countertops LINNMON.

Preparing the rack

Before the fix on the surface of the countertop LINNMON rack, we'll add an interesting detail - arrange countertop marble paper. What marbled paper? Did you hear about this option decor for the first time. This marbled paper made by hand and is quite extraordinary decor of any thing or furniture.

Making the rack side

Inside the rack Place the container LEKMAN who also will issue in the general style with the help of decorative mosaic.

Interior design photos

In addition to the additional space in the kitchen hang on the wall holder for bottles and put on top of the table set for spices, microwave, toaster. Do not interfere, and the picture on the rack for the logical conclusion of the picture.

Ready remake

Try to create your personal composition that will attract and delight the eccentricity functionality. I think we got it!

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