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Unusual screen of ikeevskogo rack

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screen of IVAR shelvingIn this article about another DIY-project, we would like to tell you how ugly at first sight IVAR shelving transformed into a trendy and unusual screen. Generally, if you delve into the history, the screen like a piece of furniture appeared before our era in China, later spreading to the whole of Asia, then Europe and the rest of the world. Currently, the screen is not so common, but still, you can meet them like the same IKEAAnd other manufacturers. But back to our unusual screen.
The basis of the screen lay IVAR shelving, Well, rather than the entire rack, and its lateral parts. First, let's define - how much length we want to make a screen. The fact is that there are two depths in the shelves of IVAR - 30 and 50 cm. If we want a three-section screen, then in the first case its length will be about 90 cm, and in the second - 150 cm. So, after we decided , What kind of screen we want, choose the suitable IVAR rack. We fasten the sides of the rack to each other on the hinges. By the way, it is better to use 2 loops per section, since with more numbers it will be more difficult to fix them correctly. Therefore, we choose more reliable loops, we need them 4 pieces. After the frame is ready, we proceed to fabricate the "canvas" of the screen.

screen of IVAR shelving

In the example used AINA fabric - a natural linen fabric, which, in addition to its environmental friendliness, also has a serious durability. You can choose the shade you like or use any other fabric. The benefit of doing this is not difficult. Select the fabric you attach to the frame - for this you can use glue and decorative carnations. Well, in conclusion, the most pleasant part of the screen is the twine. Why? And because you can get it absolutely free of charge on the table of self-packing of the goods all in the same IKEA store where you will buy everything else. So - our screen of natural materials is ready. We enjoy and enjoy.

screen of IVAR shelving

PS DIY (Do It Yourself - «do it yourself") - independent work, such as the production of furniture, as in our case, repair something, etc. At the moment, turned into a subculture that is gaining momentum. But more about this interesting term can be read on Wikipedia.
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    please tell me how to pull the cloth on the rack if I want to paint ёё. that is, the rack is used as a frame, a screen will be painted scenery
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    Guest quote:
    please tell me how to pull the cloth on the rack if I want to paint ёё. that is, the rack is used as a frame, a screen will be painted scenery

    In this project, the fabric is stretched at the top and bottom bar. If you want to stretch the fabric on all 4 crossbar, then you need to do about as follows. First, pull the fabric at the top and bottom of the bar (or vice versa - the side), then the remaining two. Keep a supply of tissues on the sides. Secure the fabric can be normal thumbtacks.
    Well, wait for your mess in our heading)))
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    I idea seemed very fresh, the only thing that I can add on my own, if the fabric is dense enough it is easier to fix the staple gun. Obtain and smoother than the nails and gently.

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