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Unusual "normal" and Terje ALBERT

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Terje chair and shelving ALBERTIn continuation of our column we publish your favorite remaking such seemingly "ordinary" IKEA as Terje chair и Rack "ALBERT". What is "created" them ...

We begin with chair Terje... First a little about this "ordinary" chair. He is exactly what he would have liked to see: very compact, lightweight, practical, easy to use. This is especially beneficial when saving space in the room. It is very easy to fold. And yet .... On the back of the chair there is a hole, due to which it is easy, if necessary, to hang in the folded state. And a minute later, put it back. Labor will not be! The terrier chair can be used with pleasure, both for the cottage and for the kitchen. Not everyone can afford chic dining areas, especially given the area of ​​kitchens of ordinary city apartments. Of course, the design is not complicated, a lot of weight can not stand, but this is a normal high-grade chair. At any time it can be folded and put away in a special adapted place or "corner" for storage. The material of the chair is wood. The terrier chair is available in a variety of colors: white, black, brown, red .... But, you see, sometimes you want something unusual.

And here comes to the rescue fantasy. And why not embellish a comfortable chair? Is it not possible to please yourself by transforming the Terje chair, which although very suitable for use, but somewhat boring. Of course, how many people - so many opinions. But, basically, many people think that the elegance carries a white color. Therefore…. It is worth buying white paint and take up the brush. In this case, acrylics are suitable. They are convenient when applied, they evenly fall down, quickly dry out and do not create unnecessary shine. The result was a neat white stool. To give perfection, it is necessary to use a sponge. With its help, the outlines are indicated. They should be a bit darker. This will give the chair a bit of austerity. But, if you still want to enjoy the furniture, which can improve the mood, you must use the appliqué. There is nothing complicated in this. A stencil is taken. You can make it yourself, applying a pattern on a thick paper and carefully cutting it. You can buy and ready stencil in the store. Applying to the chair, we again take on the paint. And here everything depends on the taste of the owner. Red, blue, yellow colors will give uniqueness to the work, namely the terrier chair, which will appear in a completely different form. Here in this ....

Terje chair

It is also important, and the availability of seat cushions. It will give comfort and create a comfortable environment. Cushions are sold separately from the chair Terje. But buy it - there is no need. Sew a pillow for a chair - it can make any beginner "master." It is advisable to choose a pillow case for matching applications. Impressive! It turns out that's a beauty ...

Terje chair

So, if you want to be in the kitchen chairs were elegant simple design, it is necessary to urgently go to IKEA, and get to work!

Of course, a good idea would be to get a small set ... Why not combine a few chairs and a bookcase? Rack is the best option for storage of any simple things. At IKEA stores you can buy ALBERT shelving. Its dimensions are small: the width is about 63 cm, the height is 159 cm, and the depth is 27 cm. Basically, the rack is made of pine. The standard kit for the sale includes racks, shelves, angle brackets, thrust bearings and fasteners. A is a rack of Albert raw wood, sometimes covered with stain or other composition. Usually attached to the wall and can withstand loads up to 25 kg. It is easy to give an elegant look to a rack of Albert in the way described above. Painting with white paint will immediately make changes. The application applied with the help of a stencil will contribute to the improvement of mood in the future. And if you pick up the baskets for storing small things, or paste ordinary boxes with colored paper, you will get a wonderful “headset” that will be convenient to use, light in design and very elegant in appearance. And all thanks to the alterations and furniture IKEA, which is easy and simple to fulfill their dreams! Like this….

chair losses and rack ALBERT


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