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Home office furnitureWe have already one day talked about how you can equip home office. Today we will continue this theme. And let's show how it is possible to create a single interior by placing furniture in harmony with the design of the room. Now many work at home, remote work became possible with the development of innovative technologies and does not differ from work in the office. At home not only freelancers work, but also entrepreneurs whose work allows them to control the whole process remotely without leaving home. In order to ensure a full working day, care must be taken to ensure that your home office is properly equipped and convenient, and also without harm to your health.

To create a supportive work environment, do not use bright and "flashy" colors. It will be enough light, quiet tones, which contribute to the emancipation and the creative potential in the workplace. They could not be better, create atmocferu concentration and comfort. This alteration dominates white, except for the brown wall decorative plaster performed brown as a contrast element of our home office.

Home office

Note that in our working area there is nothing superfluous: desktopLocated as close as possible to the window and natural light, a comfortable chair, chairs for visitors, PC and necessary equipment, reading lamps, a TV and a couple of pictures that will dilute the wall is white, giving it fullness, but retaining the sleek design.

Home office

Was used to rework white worktop LINNMONThe size of which you can adjust yourself, under the dimensions of your home office. LINNMON made of fiberboard and particleboard and covered with acrylic paint. This means that we can easily construct of her desk for the home office, adding on both sides of the shelf for papers, documentation and accessories. Here it will be convenient to place the system unit on a desktop computer. Extra Storage equip using racks EXPEDIT, BILLY eight BESTÅ.


If it is assumed that from time to time in your home office will come visitors, place it closer to the door, so as not to disturb the household during visiting hours. Complete workplace table lamp Terzian eight UPBU with adjustable stand and canopy to, if necessary, could change the direction of illumination. As a desk chair in the photo used ThorbjørnBut it can be replaced by a more comfortable office chair with headrest and armrests, to take advice from our detailed thematic review.

Home office photo

We hope that our little tips and ideas to help organize an original and at the same time, the perfect job in your home office and make every working day maximum fruitful. And do not be afraid to experiment and make notes of personality into finished designs!

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